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Professional Electric Hair Growth Therapy Massager

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Current price $58.99
Color: Silver
Variant: With Box

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Hair loss is a result of weakening hair follicles due to insufficient blood circulation. Massage Therapy is one way to stimulate its normal flow and revitalize your crowning glory naturally.

Presenting the Ultimate Professional Hair Growth Therapy Massager.

This massager works in multiple features which helps in revitalize scalp in terms of hair growth. When used regularly this may improve conditions of hair problems and restore you natural hair. It's a safe alternative without risking chemical potentials in other products.


Low Frequency Laser: Directly creating effects on hair follicles, this therapy increases scalp activity and promotes blood circulation.

EMS Micro-current: With it power to stimulate blood circulation, it provides soothing and relaxing comfort to your head. Its probably one of the therapy that makes you want to go back for professional massage. Good thing, this massager exists now!

Electroporation: This improves nutrient absorption on the scalp so you can have effective over-all hair care routine therapy.

Infrared Light: with the use of this technology, your hair follicle magically activates that helps absorb oxygen and nutrients. It can also regulate oil secretion well for hair growth promotion and lessen hair loss effect.

Nano Red Light: This one stimulates collagen regeneration which is also important in fighting hair loss.

RF Current: Lastly, this improves the dermis which enhances the skin tissue penetration to relieve you from daily weariness.

Portable, lightweight, safe and healthy Handheld cordless comb,Suitable for men and women with thinning hair, can let them fast,simple,easy hair growth,gives confidence to women & men alike by restoring their hair to its natural, fuller glory.

What to Love More About This Product

✔ For Hair Growth and Relaxation

✔ Integrated with Advanced Technology

✔ Relieves Tensed Muscles, Headaches, Migraines and Sleep Disorders for some

✔ Untangles Hair Effortlessly

✔ Portable & Lightweight

✔ Charging Convenience

Note: For best results, use 10 minutes every other day.


Item:Hair Growth Comb




Power:3W Photon




Package Inclusion:

1*Main Machine

1*Support Base


1*Manual 1*Box

Professional Electric Hair Growth Therapy Massager

Color: Silver
Variant: With Box

Only a few left in stock - order soon.

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