Arm Grip Strengthener - Gear Elevation
Arm Grip Strengthener $19.99
Have an issue with flabby problem areas under and around your arms? Get fit and firm arms with just a few minutes a day with the Arm Grip Workout System! Perfect for all fitness levels and is perfectly easy to use. The secret is the unique dynamic resistance movement that works your biceps, triceps, shoulders and even your chest in a single session, for great results you’ll hardly believe. Feel your muscles toning and tightening as you burn calories with zero joint strains. – Another great quality to this device is that it can be used by women and men of all ages, right in the comfort of one’s own home.You also do not need to worry about supplementing the exercises you perform with an additional device that can cost you hundreds of dollars. At just the low cost of this device, you can achieve great results with ease. – Unique and Dynamic ResistanceThe main advantage to the product is its unique and dynamic resistance quality. The movements work to enhance your triceps, shoulders, biceps, and even your chest so that you can develop the toned and firm arms that you are aiming for.Further, the resistance system works to build muscle so that you can beat the flab bit by bit and develop a gorgeous pair of arms.Fat Burning QualitiesSince you’ll be exerting energy, you can also expect to make significant strides when it comes to burning fat and calories.The system helps you torch even the most stubborn of calories so that your body taps into the fat reserves, thereby slimming your body down. While this certainly does not need to be the only workout you perform, any bit helps to ensure that you meet your weight loss goals. – Chest and Back SupportAside from focusing on your arms, this program also provides you with stellar back and chest support. With the chest support, you’ll notice your breasts attain a lift that you thought was long gone.Also, your back will look toned, smooth ,and muscular so that you can wear whatever you like in complete confidence. – No Joint Pain and Quick ResultsFinally, this device helps you develop the arms that you’ve always wanted, all without having to deal with joint pain.You’ll also notice your body develop almost instant results as the device helps build the firm and strong arms that you’ve been striving for.As you can tell, there are a number of significant benefits to adding the Wonder Arms device to your daily routine. The product burns fat, it supports numerous parts of your body, it can be used by anyone, and there is no  joint pain. – Compact DesignNext, the product also has a compact design, which means that you can fold it and store it around the house without having to worry about storage space. The product folds flat so that you can place it anywhere.Bonus Bands for a Custom WorkoutAs mentioned earlier, you receive a number of bonus materials for FREE with this device, including the bands. The device help you create varying levels of resistance. At this point, the product comes with three different bands so that you can change them out when necessary.The design and ease of use makes it a great device to incorporate into your routine. It can be used by anyone, including those who are not seasoned in the world of fitness. With this product, you can get toned the right way, and fast.
Ultimate Resistance Band Set - Gear Elevation
Ultimate Resistance Band Set from $49.99
Your Personal Anywhere-You-Go Gym Never Got So Easy To Create, Before This. Ideal for weight loss, muscle building and saving money! Our Ultimate Cable Set™ is extremely effective for both beginners and advanced.  The complete set promises to give you a full body workout, letting you workout every muscle group, from legs, buttocks and arms to back, chest and shoulders.  Not only is this gym set perfect for small spaces, you can have the perfect workout for cheaper than a 1 month membership at your gym! 5 COLOR-CODED RESISTANCE BANDS INCLUDED – Navy (10 lbs), Yellow (15 lbs), Red (20 lbs), Green (30 lbs), Black (40 lbs), all exercise bands are 48" in length, and can be used alone or stacked in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 115 lbs. Each band is color-coded for instant recognizability, but we still label each one with the equivalent weight for your convenience. ANTI-SNAP TECHNOLOGY – Made of the highest quality and eco-friendly natural latex which is extremely durable, and bands will maintain their resistance for a long time. Each resistance bands are double layered and carefully constructed to provide the maximum resistance. SUITABLE FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL – Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these resistance bands are for you. The variety of resistances and multi clip system means you can adjust the intensity of your resistance-band workouts to suit your personal goals. YOUR OWN PERSONAL HOME GYM – Veick resistance bands set includes five exercise bands, two cushioned handles, two ankle straps, one waterproof carry bag and one door anchor to allow you to perform the widest variety of resistance training exercises possible. Great for toning your chest, abs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, quads, glutes, buttocks, legs and knees.  
Dani Leather Charcoal Car Seat Cushion (Absorbing odor) - Gear Elevation
Dani Leather Charcoal Car Seat Cushion (Absorbing odor) $39.99
Leather Car Seat Covers, made of healthy material, Be made of Bamboo charcoal health care cushion, activated bamboo charcoal, and high elastic sponge. Can be long-term used, can keep the buttocks and back of users refreshedCar Seat Protector wear-resistant leather, high cortical strength, toughness, wrinkle resistance, wear-resistant, anti-static, good flame retardation, Bamboo charcoal leather has a good adsorption function in health care, seat covers are conducive to relieve fatigue Small Pocket with individuation - Easily and fast get your stuff from the front pocket, such as mobile phone and wallet, etc. Just take them when needed from this leather seat covers   Suitable for most vehicles, car seat cushion easy to dismantle and wash, Just wipe clean with a damp cloth to ensure they are clean and free from any debris and spots, contribute to hold a clean and comfortable car space, enjoy the driving and ensure safety
The Body Belt™ - 3-in-1 Neoprene Body Trimmer - Gear Elevation
The Body Belt™ - 3-in-1 Neoprene Body Trimmer from $49.99 $99.99
💡 EACH SIZES ARE ADJUSTABLE - SEE OUR SIZE GUIDE BELOW TARGET ONE-PIECE LOWER BODY SHAPER Frustrated with separate belt wraps? The 3 in 1 Neoprene Body Belt Trimmer is a single-piece neoprene sweat wrap that covers the midsection and thighs, lifts the buttocks simultaneously! Easy To Wear Because it's made out of a single piece of material, it is faster to put on and you don't have to bother with multiple pieces of belt wraps. Sweat and Lift The belt uses thermal heat to induce sweating at the abdominals and thighs to burn fat easier. At the same time, it lifts and trains the butt as you move.  Wear and Workout It stays on perfectly while you do cardio, calisthenics, weightlifting, yoga, jogging and more! Get The Figure Your Desire Sweating in the right areas means fat burning is more efficient and gives you the leverage you need to get that dream body! Why Get This Body Wrap ✔️ Neoprene. made of rubberized material that easily induces sweating.  ✔️ Easy To Use. cut from a single material that makes it faster to put on.  ✔️ Wider Straps. it has wider velcro straps to keep them secure as you move.  ✔️ Layering. wearable under and over of clothing. ✔️ Versatile. wear it while exercising, doing chores, or running errands to keep sweating. Sizing Guide Please make sure your waist and thigh measurements are within the dimensions shown below.  Each size can adjust to your comfort by easily tightening or loosening the strength of the velcro attachments.  If your measurements are near the range of two sizes, we recommend choosing the bigger size.  Specifications Material: 80% Neoprene; 20% Nylon Your Order Includes 1 x 3 in 1 Neoprene Body Belt Trimmer Get Yours Today  The 3 in 1 Neoprene Body Belt Trimmer shapes, sweats and uplifts to give you a shapelier figure both during and as a result of exercise. It is secure, convenient and easier to use than separate pieces of body wraps. Happiness Guaranteed ❤️️ Your satisfaction is our #1 priority! If you are unhappy with your order, we will gladly issue a full refund within 30 days of delivering your package.
Self- Suction Abs Bar - Gear Elevation
Self- Suction Abs Bar $49.99
Achieve your desired body even at home  Do you want to do exercises without going to gym?  This Self-Suction sit up Bar can give you a fit and strong body in no time by doing this at home!   Space saving, very convenient for storage and carrying wherever you go. BENEFITS: Satisfying result. Proven and tested to have abs in an instant. Adjustable height. You can change the height of the item to be more comfortable. Strong and Durable. It has a strong steel frame that is built for extreme durability and longevity. Wide usage. It can be used anywhere, from your wooden surfaces to concrete floors. Light and compact. The product is lightweight and can be carried from anywhere you want to go.  USE METHOD: Please clean the ground before you use.   Press the switch of suction cup, and stabilize the abdominal trainer on the seamless and smooth floor.    Adjust the height of foam to find the appropriate position you like.    Hook the foam with two feet and start to exercise. NOTE: Please clean the ground before you use.   Please don’t expose it to the scorching sunlight and place it in the high-temperature environment in case it gets aged easily.  You aren’t recommended to use the product for longer than 1 hour each time.   SPECIFICATIONS: Single weight : 0.85 kg Sucker diameter: 13.3 cm PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1x Sit Up Bar
Vibration Platform Exercise Machine - Gear Elevation
Vibration Platform Exercise Machine $549.99 $1,099.99
Increase up to 3x faster your fat burning and welcome the healthy you! Vibration Platform Exercise Machine offers wide benefits not only for fitness but also your overall health. It helps to increase metabolism, burn body fat which results to weight loss. Aside from the vibration itself, you can do additional resistance exercises with booty bands while on the vibrating platform. The combined techniques and exercises can attribute well on speeding up your weight loss. Aside from that this machine can also give relief on your tired body and tensed muscles after a whole day. This will also increase blood circulation and may aid in decreasing stress hormone cortisol.  How does it work? Well, through vibrations, it transmits energy to your body that causes your muscles to contract and relax for multiple times. Imagine working out. Every time you do the work, your muscle does the same contraction and relaxation.  Product Details Auto Mode and Manual Mode Available: The machine vibrates and oscillates regularly, when you select different mode, you will enjoy different exercise duration and speed. Intelligent Control Panel: with time and speed display and control to adjust in your preferred settings. Remote Control: No need to bend over, it’s easy to complete operating the machine. Features Non-slip rubber pedaling with stable suction cup at the bottom for complete safety. Specifications: Material: ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Color: Orange, Red, Gold Voltage: 220V Power: 500W(Due to a batch of goods wrong, the label is printed 200w, but the actual is 500w) Amplitude: 0-10mm Max User Weight: 150KG/330lb Speed Levels: 99 Weight: 9KG Size: Approx 53x33x13cm/20.9"x13"x5.1" Packaged Dimensions: 57.5x42x16cm/ 22.6"x16.5"x6.3" Package Inclusion: 1 x Connect Fitness Vibration Machine 1 x Resistance Bands 1 x Remote Control (batteries not included) 1 x Power Cord 1 x User Manual  
Dumbbell Water Bottle - Gear Elevation
Dumbbell Water Bottle from $21.99 $42.99
Get ready to finally have all the water you need in a dope dumbbell water bottle! Don't show it to your friends to much or they'll get jealous! ;)      ☑️ECO-FRIENDLY -  safe eco-friendly food grade material that is odorless and nontoxic, water will stay pure in the bottle for long periods of time. ☑️HIGH CAPACITY - Unique dumbbell design, which holds your recommended daily water intake of a 2.2L capacity. It's amazing to just have 1 big water bottle supplying your water intake where ever you go. ☑️PORTABLE DESIGN - Featured with a grippy textured carrying handle. It's also strong and durable to withstand drops and hits over long term use!       ☑️PRACTICAL - Take it with you anywhere.. to the gym, camping, traveling, exercising and any other outdoor sports as well as at home and in office use. Also, it can actually be used as a fitness dumbbell as well with its adjustable weight. ☑️NICE GIFT - Fashionable and very practical, perfect gift for sports lovers, your friends, and family members. The unique design will catch everyone's eyes!  
Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager - Gear Elevation
Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager $499.99 $999.99
What could be a better partner after a long tiring day? That would be none other than... a Deep Foot Massager! Yes, nothing else but Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager. This specific foot massager will be the home of your foot. It's going to be where you can rest them when they feel tired and especially tension muscles after overworking in a day or when you get special cases of foot pain. It can also do the same in your calf for a full recovery.  It's equipped with variety of modes to soothe your muscle and tissues into your own liking.  It also includes: - Auto Mode - 4 different massaging phases of Kneading, Rolling & Massaging to help relieve tension muscles.  - Custom Mode – 3 different modes to target your tiptoe, arch or sole, provide an effective healthy massage for dual-foot & sole region - Manual Mode - customize the massage speed & direction as you need - Detachable & Washable Foot Covers - zipper design for easy removing & cleaning It also offers you Shiatsu massaging where massaging is focused on your acupuncture points based on the effective Japanese medical treatment HIGHLIGHTS SCREEN & REMOTE FUNCTIONALITY: Remote conveniently controls power, speed, and massage directions, and adjusts mode settings between automatic, custom, and manual; all viewable on the LCD screen GREAT FOR THE BODY: No pain area goes untreated, as the massager specifically targets all areas of your feet to help with different parts of the body through a variety of techniques including pulsing, kneading, and rolling AUTO MODE: Settle your feet and enjoy a deep, therapeutic massage by pressing the 'Auto' button for 3 different modes that target the toe, arch, and sole of your feet PORTABLE & EASY TO CLEAN: Space-saving structure allows for effortless storage, and a built-in handle lets you easily take it on the go; also designed for easy cleaning with a removable and washable foot covers; Overall Dimensions: 22"(L) x 12"(W) x 10"(H)  Specifications: - Electric Wire Length: 4.9 ft (1.5 m) - Color: Red - Material: ABS - Voltage: 220V - Power Consumption: 40W - Net Weight: 13.2 lbs (6 kg)    Aside from soothing and treating yourself with this impressive foot massager, its one of the best idea for gift giving.  Get this with 50% Off and enjoy everyday relaxing mode to help you recover from an exhausting day. No more foot pain with this Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager!
Push Up Rack Board 9-in-1 Body Building Fitness - Gear Elevation
Push Up Rack Board 9-in-1 Body Building Fitness $99.99 $199.99
  Step up Your Body Building Fitness Push-ups are unmatched upper body exercise. Even if you can't go to the gym for other equipment, push up is effective already. But to level up and get started on building the muscle on areas you wanted from your upper body, this Push Up Rack Board 9-in-1 Body Building Fitness got you covered! This Heavy duty "Plug & Press" push up board system with multiple positions and angles helps you sculpt and maximize upper body definition. Burning calories and building strength with this innovative push-up system leads you to a total-body strength and conditioning workout. In just 30 minutes a day, you will be able to develop muscles, and build your upper body (chest, shoulders, back, and arms) while engaging your total core. Different color-coded push up board targets specifics muscles worked Blue - Chest Red - Shoulders Yellow - Back Green - Triceps Foldable, Portable, and Simple to Assemble, this board system is further equipped with non-slip Hand Grips both cushioned for comfortable and uninterruptible focus in your body building.   Specifications: Material: ABS Support Board Size: 64x20x2cm / 25×7.8×0.8 inches Item weight: 1.1 kg / 2.43 lb Handles: 1pair
Shape Up Booty Bands - Gear Elevation
Shape Up Booty Bands $29.99 $59.99
  Planning to shape up this quarantine? That's a good idea. But, what's even better is adding Shape Up Booty Bands to your workouts. People love to have firm and lifted glutes that makes them more confident and feel right with good posture. With Shape Up Booty bands, you can get that body composition (with firm, lifted bums) and improve your strength & stamina. Booty bands, also known as mini bands, hip bands and resistance bands, are designed to tone and shape lower parts of your body. They can be placed around your thighs, legs, ankles, feet, shoulders and arms. WHAT IT DOES Shape Up Booty Bands give additional resistance challenge when performing natural movements, such as squats, slides and kicks, on your physical exercise program. This helps burn fat in more areas, increase strength more effectively, and tone your glutes within shorter time frame. Basically, this exercise tool accelerates results when the additional 'load' is applied on your functional movements. BENEFITS Cost-Effective - compared to other exercise equipment, booty bands are obviously inexpensive. They are highly economical yet highly convenient and effective, too.  Competent - Mini bands target smaller muscle group at once which means it can be used for both push and pull exercises. The bands can also help to interact your core muscles, by pushing you in one direction and your abs have to be active to keep you stable in the exercise form. Multiple Levels of Fitness - These bands are customized to cater different combinations of ability and strength of a person. So, whether you are a total beginner in fitness exercise or an advanced enthusiast, Shape Up Booty Bands can give you the efficiency you need for a better fitness path. (See available sizes below) Effective Body Workout - Resistance bands are effective for over all body exercise. In contrast to what people may often think, these bands works great in the upper body as well. Combine it with your warm-ups and you'll see positive results. Fun Variety Workouts – Booty bands add variety in your regular workouts. Be creative in using booty bands and make your workouts more interesting and better!  Hip bands can assist you in various exercises such as P90x, CrossFit, Yoga, Insanity, Pilates, Hot Yoga, and Beach Body workouts. HIGHLIGHTS Travel-friendly Exercise Bands : Portable Booty resistance bands are convenient to carry anywhere in home, gym, or outdoors. That said, wherever you are you can still workout and keep your routine. Space-saving Equipment : You know this already. A mini piece of band won't get in the way. If ever you're one of those who gave up to own gym equipment, this resistance band has shown you a new way. Safe and Durable : With layers of fabric, they can be used for years with less risk of snapping. Assured Great Results : Shared experiences with positive outcomes are out online! It's proven that fitness lovers acknowledge it as the best equipment to build glamorous backside and tone other parts of your body. Excited to shape up and get yourself a firm and lifted bum? Get this Shape Up Booty Bands now!
Fitness Tracker Smartwatch - Gear Elevation
Fitness Tracker Smartwatch $39.99 $33.99
Ready To Take Your Fitness And Health To The Next Level? With real-time heart monitoring, sleep control, calorie burns counter, pedometer, distance tracker and more – Fitness tracker smartwatch is the smartwatch you’ve been dreaming of! All of this data can be sync to your smartphone. With adjustable silicone wristband and lightweight features, you can wear it comfortably when doing exercises. It's OLED touchscreen is waterproof and dust proof. It’s also a great smartphone companion. When you have calls or SMS, it will vibrate to remind you. You will never miss them, even at the noisy party. In a word, it is a great personal fitness tracking companion for you. Uses a larger 1.3-inch display, larger words, clearer, high-sensitivity touch, screen can achieve various operations, smart call reminder, Bluetooth camera, steps, calories, sleep monitoring, heart rate quickly view various functions, and the touch operation of the large color screen is smoother, and smart life is started from then on. The bracelet is made of a diamond-shaped lattice texture. The TPU material has a skin-friendly texture and is soft and smooth. The single-breasted design allows you to relax and not fall off. The five colors are optional and can be replaced at will. Plug-in design, plug-and-play, and worry-free charging, the charging port is a USB interface, remove the wrist strap, you can plug directly into the USB or charging head, easy and convenient. Built-in optical heart rate sensor, pay attention to your heart rate changes 24 hours a day, record your heart rate changes in each time on the excellent living APP, outline your heart rate, present your health and beauty. The APP connection product distinguishes the exercise warm-up, the burning fat, the cardio-pulmonary enhancement and the like by drawing a curve of the data obtained by the monitoring. Let you know the heart rate changes in each time period, reasonably plan the exercise intensity, and release your sports passion more effectively.   Package include: 1 * Smart bracelet 1 * User manual
Fitness Resistance Rubber Band Yoga Elastic Band Upgrade Training Bar Set Pilates Training Exercise Fitness Equipment Pull Rope - Gear Elevation
Fitness Stackable Resistance Band $149.99 $299.99
Build your body even at home. Delivering up to 280lbs (130kg) of resistance when stacked, this 5-band set builds muscle, tones, and sculpts your body unlike anything else. Extremely versatile and adaptable to almost any workout, these resistance bands have been scientifically proven to be three times more effective as well as safer than traditional weights. With a secure door anchor, ankle straps, handles, and bench-press bar, it makes workouts super easy and convenient whether you're at home, hotel room, or in the gym.  HIGHLIGHTS Our stackable Band Set is used by the United States Coast Guard. Scientifically proven THREE TIMES FASTER muscle gains than regular weight training. Safer than traditional free weights. Anchor the bands to almost any solid object, door or stand-on them. Compatible with all workout styles, including calisthenics, HIIT, and CrossFit. Push harder with our add-on, bench-press bar, and tricep rope.
Nylon Straps Speed Training Ladders - Gear Elevation
Nylon Straps Speed Training Ladders from $44.99 $89.99
Training for fast, quick footwork? Then, it's only right to add this tool as one of your training equipment. This high quality Nylon Straps Speed Training Ladders helps to improve your speed and agility, and to perform better as an athlete or keep yourself fit for a healthy mind and body. This nylon woven ladder is carefully made with convenience in mind. It's ladder steps are adjustable spliced along the nylon belt so you can keep it nicely and set up easily. It comes with a storage bag to go around with. HIGHLIGHTS Complete Agility Training Set: Get ready for some fancy footwork! This agility ladder set includes everything you need to whip yourself into shape. Each kit includes a 12 rung agility ladder, 12 soccer cones (6 yellow, 6 orange), 4 steel stakes for added stability, and a carrying bag. Using this kit is easy— just weave through the cones and rungs as swiftly as you can for effortless training. Maximize Athletic Performance: With this agility ladder and cones set, you’ll be able to maximize your acceleration, rhythm, balance, leg strength, overall body control, and even reaction time! It’s a secret weapon for football players, basketball players, soccer players, tennis players, track teams, boxers, and so much more. Customize Your Workout: Create your own circuit for a personalized training. The cones can be set up in a variety of formation, and each of the speed ladder’s 12 rungs are fully adjustable. Space them out as wide (or as narrow) as you’d like. Pack And Go: Don’t let travel get in the way of your training. This Agility Training Ladder Set is ultra lightweight and easy to carry. Stash it in the included storage bag and head out! The Perfect Size: This speed and agility training set is the optimal size for efficient workouts. The ladder is 17ft long with 17in x 15in rungs, and each disc cone has a diameter of 7.5in with a height of 2.1in.

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