Loop Lasso Rope Launcher Toy - Gear Elevation
Loop Lasso Rope Launcher Toy $24.99 $49.99
Physics meets Fun for all ages A mesmerizing stress reliever…this zippy moving sculpture really holds your gaze. When you fire up the Loop Lasso automatic string shooter in front of friends, family, or strangers, the effect is always the same. Confusion turns into interest, interest turns into delight! They might not understand how it works (unless they're engineers or physicists) but they’ll instantly know they love it. ➰ Powerful Technology The perfect relationship between momentum, inertia, and air resistance transforms how the string behaves. ➰ Perfect Stress Reliever ​If you like lava lamps and fish tanks, you’ll love this more! Fire up the Loop Lasso anytime you need the perfect relaxation tool. ➰ With the Longest Battery Ever Super portable, but still packs enough power in the rechargeable lithium-ion battery to keep the fun going for hours. ➰ Enthuses Kids About Science The fun element is great for sparking curiosity, and this compulsive little gizmo is all about fun! ➰ Change the way you relax and unwind. Like nothing you've ever seen before, the floating string loop bends and ripples under your touch, and it’s hard not to get lost in that strange and delightful moment. ➰ A pocket-sized fun gadget for kids of all ages... ... including grown up ones! From lassoing household objects, to playing limbo, to blowing out candles, the Loop Lasso is only limited to your creativity.
Kids' Outdoor Flat Throw Disc Ball With LED Light - Gear Elevation
Kids' Outdoor Flat Throw Disc Ball With LED Light $34.99 $69.99
Throw a disc, catch a ball! This amazing Kids Outdoor Flat Disc Throw Ball Toy is a unique sports toy that transforms from a flying disc to a catchable ball! Squeeze down to set the time-delay mechanism and watch as it pops into a ball in midair. It packs flat, so it’s easy to slip into a bag for on-the-go travel! Ultra-flexible design Easy to transport Assorted colors Variable-release suction feature adds a surprise element to the game Transitions from 9-inch disc to 6-inch ball. For 1 or more players, ages 5 and up. Note:  Do not step on.  The suction cup and the yellow adsorbate are usually separated and expand into a spherical shape. It does not always exist in the shape of a Frisbee. To be in the shape of a Frisbee, you must always use an external force to fix it, otherwise it will exist as a sphere. LED lights do not have waterproof function. Touching water may make the LED lights unable to continue working normally
Gatling Bubble Gun - Gear Elevation
Gatling Bubble Gun $29.99 $59.99
Create your own bubble heaven with this amazing Gatling Bubble Gun. Adopting Gatling's structure appearance with 8 holes, it can produce hundreds of colorful bubbles when blown out every minute. But aside from this, this plastic bubble maker is designed with a fan inside. When you remove the head, you can use this toy as a fan. HIGHLIGHTS Easy To Use-- Pour bubble water on the plate, dip the bubble liquid from the pan and then press the switch to enjoy the bubble time.This bubble-making toy is powered by a 3 AA battery.  Cool Fan Mode-- When the child feels tired after chasing, the bubble machine can be used as a small fan. It will bring cool and comfortable wind. Take down the bubble machine gun head and turn it into a small fan. Environmental Protection Material-- The bubble gun is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic ABS material, smooth and burr-free, and has a handle design that fits the curvature of the child's palm and is not easy to fall. The leak-proof or overflow-proof design is very safe for children and pets. Children can carry a bubble gun with them and enjoy the fun of chasing bubbles. Ideal Gift For Kids-- This bubble machine can bring endless fun and dreamy atmosphere in a series of activities such as weddings, birthdays, parties, outdoor garden yard, etc. The bubbles for kids are perfect outdoor toys and ideal gifts for toddlers, kids, and pets.  
Jurassic Velociraptor Dinosaur RC Toy - Gear Elevation
Jurassic Velociraptor Dinosaur RC Toy $149.99 $299.99
Awaken the sleeping Velociraptor.Bring to life this Remote-Controlled  Dino Toy. Remote-controlled dinosaurs brought the real Jurassic dinosaur Velociraptor to life with walking movements.  This dinosaur has 3D eyes that mimic the real eyes of a dinosaur, as well as walking, growling, swinging its body and tail from side to side imitating a real dinosaur.🦖 This Velociraptor can demonstrate a real Velociraptor is how to walk and roar, boys and girls over three years old can easily control it forward, backward, left and right, wagging body and tail. HIGHLIGHTS  🦖 Durable Rechargeable Battery: Top version Velociraptor with remote control requires 2x1.5V 'AA' (not included), RC dinosaur built-in rechargeable lithium battery 3.7V 1200mah. After fully charged, this dinosaur toy for kids can last up to 1 hour of non-stop operation. Excellent operating allows your kids to experience uninterrupted gaming time, an ideal remote control dinosaur for 4-13-year-old kids. 🦖 Kid-Friendly Material: Our RC dinosaur toy is made of premium sturdy ABS material, no odor, no fading, and no harm to kids! Strict secure test approved, meet US toy standard, which is ideal remote dinosaur toys for kids 4-7 8-12. Top version Velociraptor body length 45cm, realistic scales, horns, teeth, and more! 🦖 Ideal Gift for Kids: Every child is a dinosaur fan, he really wanted a dinosaur toy. This large remote-controlled dinosaur is the perfect toy that can stimulate children's imagination. An educational dinosaur toy can help kids learn dinosaur knowledge and prehistoric culture.
Retractable Vampire Fangs - Gear Elevation
Retractable Vampire Fangs $14.99 $29.99
Complete any cosplay set with Retractable Vampire Fangs 👻 Have a complete blast this coming Halloween with the most realistic fangs 👻 This is the eye-catching vampire fangs out there; it blends well in real teeth colors! It covers and surrounds the entire tooth, resulting in a snug, & realistic fit!  It is a must-wear in every Halloween party, stage play, or any spooky-themed occasion. Take your cosplay to the next level with a set of these amazing vampire fangs!   HIGHLIGHTS 🎃 REALISTIC FANGS  It covers and surrounds your entire tooth, resulting in a snug, realistic fit. Its yellowish color makes it look like a real tooth!  There is no "partial plate" like with other brands, fit properly and are the most comfortable fangs on the market. 🎃 GREAT COSPLAY ADD-ONS These vampire fangs dentures props are good for parties, stage play, and suitable for characters such as vampires, werewolves, & zombies.  🎃 PREMIUM QUALITY It is made of premium ABS materials that have been thoroughly tested, safe, and durable. Rinse thoroughly with soap and warm water before use, nontoxic, and looks realistic.  🎃 EASY TO USE Insert the short crossbars on both sides of the blood-sucking denture bracket into the large silicone wisdom tooth groove after cleaning, and then place it in the mouth. Wisdom teeth are made of silica gel and rely on elasticity. When the teeth bite together, the fangs will appear and hide.
LED Magic Flying Ball - Gear Elevation
LED Magic Flying Ball $29.99
Enjoyed by over thousands of parents who are getting amazing responses from their kids. This amazing flying ball is fun for the entire family, especially for children aged 14+ who love getting exercise while playing with this toy! The LED Magic Flying Ball features a clear crystal ball with 2 sets of wings imitating a magical fairy, and a sturdy balancing pole above it.When turned on, it emits a brilliant colorful light, vibrantly illuminating the entire room. Particularly at night, the darkened room is lit up and looks magical. Children become ECSTATIC and AMAZED once it starts flying!The ball houses a USB rechargeable battery, motor and flashing LED lights so you’re ready to play once it arrives.Its ADVANCED LED INFRARED SENSOR allows it to be motion-sensitive so it detects nearby objects and knows to move away from them.THE CHALLENGE FOR KIDS is to keep the LED Magic Flying Ball in the air since the toy is super smart and will fly away from your hand when you try to grab it. You can use your hand to control it up and down, or catch it with your hand to let it take flight again.ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND NON-TOXIC MATERIALS – The wings are made of soft plastic and are flexible (see image below) which minimizes injury and ensures children are safe when playing. However, parent supervision is still advised for toddlers.This is the PERFECT GIFT for children and teenagers! Surprise them with it on their birthday, as a reward for passing a test in school, or even just as a special gift! Your kids will LOVE playing with this amazing toy. Watch them become ecstatic as it starts flying and lighting up the room!LED Magic Flying Ball INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Place the toy in your hand.Turn it on and after 3 seconds it will fly upwards.Any infrared remote control (TV remote, Samsung phones, etc.) can turn the LED Magic Flying Ball on or off (RC remote not included).Once in flight, there is no need to touch the ball. Simply place your hand under it to send it back into the air.First, play in an open but enclosed area, such as a living room or the area beneath your stairs. Once you turn it on, it will fly up a few feet (18-24″). Be sure to catch the Magic Flying Ball before it crashes into anything until you’re used to controlling it.It becomes easy to manage and direct when walking slowly. After getting used to controlling it, you can move freely around and play games to keep the ball up.To catch it, wait until it’s right in front of you, between waist and shoulder height. Otherwise, when it’s above your head, your hands will make it fly higher.Be careful to not lift your hand too fast to avoid forcing the Magic Flying Ball to crash into the ceilingTo protect children’s eyes, wear glasses/sunglasses when playing to ensure 100% safety.Allow your kids to be creative and watch them go CRAZY over it!FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q: Does this just fly around on its own? No remote?No remote. You control it with the help of your hand underneath to guide it. You lift it up in the air, and the propeller takes over. To keep it off the ground, place your hand underneath it. The Magic Flying Ball will sense your hand and fly up again. Q: Do the propellers break easily when it hits the floor or walls?It does fine with floors and walls. It is very durable. That said, we advise against intentionally crashing it into harder surfaces like pavement and trees continuously. It can take a beating but not continuous falls on hard surfaces. Please see our customer’s response below: “My two and a half year old thinks the goal is to knock it down with his play sword…it’s still going strong so I think it’s safe to say it’s durable!” -Trisha M. Q: Is this appropriate for a 5 year old?This toy is recommended for children 14+. However, children aged 3 to 7 can be accompanied by an adult and wear sunglasses to play together. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Dimension (Ball): 15 x 11 cmMaterial: Durable ABS PlasticSuitable For: 14 Years Old & AboveType: Motion-sensitiveUSB Rechargeable: YesFlight Time: Approx. 6-8 minutesCharging Time: Approx. 20 minutes
Flynova Pro Flying Ball Spinner Toy - Gear Elevation
Flynova Pro Flying Ball Spinner Toy $99.99 $199.99
Up, up, & spin away! Enjoy a game with everyone with this Flying Orb. The Neon LED lights lining the outside and inside the FlyOrb make it an eye-catching toy, extremely fun to play with at dusk. Take it with you anywhere (anytime). Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand - play with the FlyOrb whenever you feel the itch arise (whether that's in the kitchen, backyard, at the beach, or the park!). It features an aerodynamic enclosed orb design allowing it to effortlessly glide through air, leading to an extremely fun and addicting experience. Toss it up and watch it fly, float, glide, and climb before hovering back to your hand like magic! "Rasengan", "The Force", "Magic" - Call it whatever you want, but no matter what - you can count on the motorized FlyOrb to make its way back into your palm after every throw. Let it go and watch it fly, float, glide, and climb before elegantly returning to your hand like a boomerang! Physics in action! JUST SHAKE IT Push the power button, hold the FlyOrb upright, and then shake to start. It's that simple. TRICK GUIDE —— CAPTAIN BOOMERANG Throw your FlyOrb into the air and watch it smoothly curve in the air to make a rendezvous with your original throwing hand. Yes, it does this.  PARTNERS GAMES Kids can play together, get some exercise and build friendships~ SAFETY FIRST  The FlyOrb features an aerodynamic enclosed orb design that gives it that smooth flight when you’re throwing it. Your hands are always 100% safe when dealing with this floaty boy. DURABLE  Durable, orb design protects the FlyOrb from trauma caused by bumps, falls, drops, and other forms of blunt impact. Keep the good times spinning. LONG BATTERY LIFE A 30-minute charge gives your FlyOrb 8-10 minutes of operating time.  Battery life depends on circumstances. For example, 10 minutes of continuous use in a single session or multiple 8-10 minute sessions. Additionally, factors like wind can affect power usage as well.
New Frog Tic-Tac Tongue - Gear Elevation
New Frog Tic-Tac Tongue $24.99 $50.00
Start the Fun. Play The Crazy Tic-Tac Game! Get ready for a fantastic froggy face-off!  Tic-Tac Tongue is the new hilarious game in town.  It's perfect for a fun family game on any occasion. Playing together forms a bond with each other. What's also great about it is that it's done in real-time, so everyone else can forget about the digital world for a few hours. How to play: Put on your mask and use your chameleon tongue to knock down the bugs A fun game of speed, skill, and accuracy Blowing into the mouthpiece to shoot out your lizard tongue The first player to knock down the bug that matches the card wins the round Tic-Tac Tongue can be played in so many ways. Be creative and let the fun games begin!🎊 Packing Inclusion: 2 x Frog Masks (With 2 x mouthpieces and 2 x chameleon tongues) 10 x Stand-UP Targets 10 x Game Cards
Mini UFO Drone Aircraft - Gear Elevation
Mini UFO Drone Aircraft $34.99 $69.99
Flying A Drone Has Never Been So Much Fun! The UFO Drone Aircraft is capable of 360 degrees rotation during flight. It can hover easily in mid-air, thanks to its built-in gyroscope and 4 powerful motors! With 2 speed modes to choose from, you can select the appropriate flying speed relative to the amount of space it has to maneuver around! Equipped with rechargeable lithium batteries that can be conveniently charged using USB, the UFO Drone can be flown both indoors and outdoors! It also comes with LED lights that make it an awesome sight to behold at night! A perfect gift for kids, yourself, or for the UFO lovers you know! PRODUCT FEATURES INDOOR HOVER DRONE FOR BEGINNERS: Equipped with smart, obstacle avoidance motion sensors, use your hand to guide its flight, play modern catch with family and friends, and catch it “hamburger-style” once you’re done. DURABLE AND SAFE WEBBED SHELL DESIGN: This flying toy drone is designed with a webbed shell that protects hands, walls, and furniture from the propellers; this webbed shell also keeps the drone safe from damages as it fly around any indoor space. US-CERTIFIED STEM TOY: This UFO drone toy is a great beginner drone for kids and kids at heart ages 8 and up; drone measures 4.75” D and includes a USB recharging cable. HOW TO USE The UFO Drone requires no remote and can be controlled simply by hand gestures! Uses high-tech infrared sensor technology, it detects and avoids obstacles! Extremely easy to use and control, just toss the UFO Drone in the air, and it will start flying on its own! By placing your hand on the opposite side of where you want it to go, you can control the direction and altitude by simple hand gestures! To charge the UFO Drone, simply plug into the wall, and it will fully charge in 40-60 mins! A great break for all the screen time we get these days. And even give everyone a bit of an exercise, too! This interactive UFO Drone will surely entertain everyone--in all ages. Grab it NOW.
Fast Hockey Sling Puck Table Game - Gear Elevation
Fast Hockey Sling Puck Table Game from $54.99 $109.99
Gather everyone and get ready to play this game! It's going to be the main event this holiday celebration for sure. This new and exciting puck slinging tabletop game is for the whole family. With easy rules to play, you can group in to two and choose a representative for each party to compete. The first one to finish slinging all ice hockey to the opponent wins. You can have as many match as you want and different matching opponents as well.  For experienced players, an advance game play recommendation we have is the Punisher variant. Each time you lunch an ice hockey without going through the other side, you must pick up an opponent's ice hockey and recite a punishment affirmation such as " I accept my punishment". Surely, this simple game can be a lot more fun with every family or group of friends variation. Creative idea is all yours to develop! More details Fast paced action game for children to develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills and helps in focusing and patience.  High Quality Handmade Wood Board Game Includes: 1 Chessboard, 10 hockey pieces
Gesture Controlled Stunt Car - Gear Elevation
Gesture Controlled Stunt Car $99.99
The Best Children's Toy Ever! Make your child's fantasy come true with this simple-to-use Gesture Controlled Stunt Car. This is so sensitive and reactive that it could be controlled from a long distance. Another incredible way to control the car is to wear the watch in your hand, adjust your gesture, and the transformable car will recognize the change in your gesture and move and transform as you wish.This Gesture Controlled Stunt Car has revolutionary roller-traction tires and can handle any surface, including sand, grass, mud, boulders, and more.The best part is that this Gesture Controlled Stunt Car can go in all directions, perform extraordinary 360-degree tumble spins, and perform double-sided rolls. It also has a light and sound effects. With its amazing features and endless enjoyment, your child will undoubtedly love it!
Armored Car Money Bank - Gear Elevation
Armored Car Money Bank $69.99 $139.99
Save Money Safely with Armored Police Car Money Bank With this unique armored shape kids money bank, your little one can store money he earns doing household projects, making sure he's starting to save early. The lights will flash and the bell rings when you press the number button. Two Languages can be chosen. Your kids will love placing money in their new car truck coin bank and watching their savings grow. Paper money can be rolled into the machine automatically when you put it on the Scroll Hidden password button on the front cover of the car, a funny design that appeals to your kid's attention. These car banks can also roll like a toy car, allowing your child to experience the fun of saving money. HIGHLIGHTS ✔ Made with High-Quality Materials: This money safe box is made of ABS plastic, safe design, sturdy and does not break easily, passed multiple safety tests. Powered by 3 * AA batteries (not included). ✔ Money Storage: ① Insert your cash on the opening of the piggy bank, it will be automatically rolled in; ② There is a coin slot on the top to put coins to save money. (But it doesn't work if the paper is too old or too soft) ✔ Cool armed shaped car bank: The armored car money bank has police lights on the top of the car which can flash, long-press the key "#", the headlights of the car will turn on. It will give your kids a great experience. ✔ Password Piggy Bank: This coin bank requires 4-digit password protection to open the piggy bank (The default password is 0000), kids can set a new password as they like. If forgotten, just remove the batteries for more than 15 minutes, it will be back to Default.  ✔ Perfect Kids Toy: This money bank makes a great birthday and Christmas gift for young children, new moms, or expecting moms. Add this saving bank to your kids' gift registry today!
Gravity-Defying Laser RC Car - Gear Elevation
Gravity-Defying Laser RC Car $54.99 $109.99
Take your RC Game to the Next Level Use the laser controller to spot the laser light beam on the wall, ceiling, or floor, and the zero-gravity laser racing car will make the light in any direction. Using the latest in suction technology, the gravity defying car can drive on any smooth surface such as floors, walls, windows, glass, and even ceilings! An ultra-lightweight yet heavy-duty and shockproof body that won't break easily if it falls from the ceiling or wall.  The zero-gravity laser is USB rechargeable. HIGHLIGHTS Infrared induction wall climbing car Gravity racing Stunt climbing wall Remote control car Multiple play modes You can climb and drive on the wall/ceiling/floor/smooth glass and experience the amazement that a car brings you! Lightweight body The car shell is made of lightweight plastic, which makes it easier for the car to be attached to a smooth wall Laser control Point the laser beam at any place on the wall, ceiling, or ground to control the direction of the car Resistance to gravity, unimpeded With the grip technology, the gravity racing car will take you to resist the force of gravity and fly on the smooth surface Multi-directional flexible control Use the laser to remotely control multiple forward directions to control the car to spin or spin With LED Light With the LED light, it will be so much fun playing at night. Extraordinary Adsorption Capacity Extraordinary adsorption capacity, that makes the car wandering around the wall smooth and easy. Three Operation Mode On Ground On Ceilings Up Walls Product Specification Stylish and unique design makes it a special gift for your children or yourself, suitable for all occasions. Age: 3+ RC Car Charging time: 30-40 minutes Remote control battery: 3 AAA batteries (not included) Package Includes: 1 * Remote control Car 1 * USB charging cable 1 * Remote control 1 * Manual
JOYLIVE Superb Outdoor Water Gun - Gear Elevation
JOYLIVE Superb Outdoor Water Gun $399.99 $799.99
Play games more excitingly with this Superb Water Gun. Be prepared for super-fast water blasts that explode all around you. Water gun battles will never be the same.  With sleek design meets technology that is not from this world. The Superb features a Single-Shot-Technology that sets it apart from average water guns. The JoyLive Superb Gun also has a fully automated pump, a high-tech tactical display, and the Power Shot for extra impact. HIGHLIGHTS ⭐ Simple Control: The built-in battery of this water gun is charged USB-C. The battery capacity is 2000mAh, it can be filled with water 50 times, and the longest range is 12M for 1200 shots. Automatic Water Renewal, Super Recoil Feeling, Display Water Storage Status Happening. ⭐ This Superb Water Gun will change your view of other ordinary water guns. Pull it to launch a powerful stream of water, and push it forward to activate an automatic pump that can only fill your tank for 12 seconds. ⭐ You can enjoy the water shot while maintaining a constant pressure, and you can accurately hit the target up to 7.5 m away with about 30ml of water. The built-in filter filters out small particles and maintains 25 jets under constant pressure, pulling the trigger to fill water. JoyLive Superb Gun Care After a successful water battle, please make sure to store your water gun safely. For this, your water gun must be completely emptied. After the water volume drops to 00%, point the water gun down while pulling the trigger for up to 5 seconds to start an air shot. Two dashes (- -) will appear on your display.
LCD Drawing Tablet for Kids - Gear Elevation
LCD Drawing Tablet for Kids $39.99 $79.99
All-in with this LCD Drawing Tablet This educational and creative LCD writing tablet provides a way for kids to freely release their natural instincts, enjoy drawing, counting numbers, spelling words at any time and place without no longer making a mess on the ground or walls. Doodle and scribbler boards are great tools for children to learn and play. HIGHLIGHTS PORTABLE AND DURABLE Putting the drawing board in your backpack when you go to work or school doesn’t take up space and doesn’t make the backpack heavier. FRIENDLY MATERIAL The writing board is made from friendly material, safe for home, office, school, restaurant, and car use. LOCK FUNCTION The writing tablet is built with the erase button lock function. No more worry about losing content while you are writing or drawing. (After locking the erase button, you can still write on the message board.) ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION A drawing pad is like an endless sheet of paper! The magnetic board can be scribbled over and over again, saving at least 10,000 pieces of paper a year, and a digital drawing tablet can be erased with a single button, no charge or connection required.  

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