Bunion Treatment Cream - Gear Elevation
Bunion Treatment Cream $19.99 $39.99
  Whether you are on your feet all day at work, enjoying a long daily walk, or running a marathon our Bunion Toe Stiffness Relief Cream was created to ease the pain, allowing you to think about other things rather than your feet.  All Natural Formula -- The product is natural and non-irritating, extracted from natural herbs, fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula. Fast Relief -- Bunion pain relief cream penetrates deeply to relieve bunion pain and soothe other minor pains, sprains, and bruises, providing quick localized relief to reduce pain and swelling. Effective Pain Relief -- Bunion pain cream helps to improve blood circulation, strengthen local metabolism, reduce inflammation and reduce swelling. Effectively treat ankle pain. Easy to Use -- Simply clean the affected skin with warm water, take the appropriate amount of the bunion pain relief cream, apply it slightly to the affected area 2-3 times a day.
Blood Sugar Solution - Gear Elevation
Blood Sugar Solution from $59.99 $89.99
Get your blood sugar levels back on track. For healthy balanced blood sugar levels, take GE's Blood Sugar Solution Supplement designed to lower blood sugar levels naturally. Our formula has the vitamins, minerals, and superb blends of herbal plants that are used for their effectiveness when it comes to balancing blood sugar levels, promoting better blood circulation, and supporting healthy glucose metabolism. What you can get with Blood Sugar Solution: Promote healthy insulin function to metabolize carbohydrates. Reduce carbohydrate absorption Boost carb metabolism for good blood sugar use as fuel Helps maintain a healthy body and blood sugar: With key ingredients Chromium, Alpha Lipoic Acid or ALA, Magnesium, and Cinnamon decrease fasting blood sugar and reduce damage effects from high blood sugar. Powerful benefits from a superb blend of herbs: Lower risk of diabetes complications Add this Blood Sugar Solution formula to your daily routine, one (1) capsule a day after a meal. Remember also to check your blood sugar regularly to monitor any changes over several months. This will help you and your doctor determine its effects.
BBQ Mesh Grilling Bag - Gear Elevation
BBQ Mesh Grilling Bag from $14.99
BBQ Mesh Grilling Bag Your perfect buddy for grilling! Are you tired of dealing with cleaning the grill?   We have the barbeque mesh grilling bag that has an advanced stick-proof material that prevents food from sticking on the grill. It also keeps the food evenly heated for better grilling. Benefits: Consistently used. You can safely use the bag for a long time at temperatures 260 °C and below. Safe to use. During the process of grilling, you may leave the bag, and the non- sticky substances can be easily separated from the container. Easily moved. The smoke will simply travel through the mesh to add more flavor and keep the grill clean. Reusable. Use the bag as many times as you want. It doesn't get ripped easily.  Environmentally friendly materials. Non-toxic, easy to clean, and odorless.   Specification: Barbeque Carbon type: Charcoal Feature: Easily cleaned Accessory type: Meshes Sizes: A- 22 X 27cm ; B- 14 X 22cm Package Inclusion: 1× Non-Stick BBQ Bake Bag  
Automatic Bark Trainer Pro Device - Gear Elevation
Automatic Bark Trainer Pro Device $44.99
No more unwanted Dog barking noises! Are you annoyed by the loud barking of your dog? We have the Automatic Bark Trainer Pro Device, a perfect tool for training your dog's barking behavior, and veterinarians highly recommend it.   BENEFITS: Safe to use. Its device has an ultrasonic frequency that calms your dog and not hurt your pup or even you. Only your dog will hear the sound. No false trigger. It is specially programmed to respond to the barking of the dog. Triggers only after three or more barkings to prevent environmental noises. It works for every dog. Works for any size of dogs. It provides better results for dogs that are six months old and above. Effective. Helps your pets improve their memory and stop unnecessary barking at unwanted times. Manual Included. We include a dog training manual so the owners will know how to effectively use this device and train them. Features: 1. Sets of the ultrasonic circuit through the barking of the dog and delivers out an ultrasonic wave for 5 seconds (Only the dogs can hear it), it will make the dog uncomfortable which is not harmful for the pet. After a few repeated process, the dog will be able to establish a reflex knowing that the sound wave appeared because of its behavior and it will prevent them from screaming at unwanted hours again.  2. It doesn't require any battery change, all you need to do is plug it at an outlet. 3. Effective only at distances within 5 meters.  4.Very suitable for restaurants, courtyards, garages, hotels, and other places. Safety Precautions: 1. Do not install wet, leaking, sunlit, and easily accessible areas.2. Do not invert or install horizontally to avoid affecting sensitivity.3. The human ear should not be close to the transmitter to avoid discomfort. Product Details: Product Name: Outdoor Ultrasonic Drive Dog Stopper Type:Dogs Specification: 9.3*6*11.4CM Material:Plastic Material: ABS plastic Model Number:Dog Barking DevicePower supply: AC 9V 600mA Item Type:Bark DeterrentsCE certified. Package Inclusion: 1 box [stopper + adapter + screw *2+ fixed base]  
Automatic Fruit Ice Cream Maker - Gear Elevation
Automatic Fruit Ice Cream Maker $144.99 $289.99
MAKE YOUR DAY WITH GUILT-FREE SWEETS🍨 A lot of things can be done with our own hands these days through various tools and technology. So, if you are planning to just create and use things you can, rather than buy--to make a little change in your life--this Fruit Ice Cream Maker is that one tool you never knew you needed! You can get very creative with your meals every time with the addition of this food processor. Satisfy cravings without setting aside the healthy option on your food. After all, nothing can beat Home Made Desserts! HIGHLIGHTS PREMIUM DESIGN: The upgraded design with chrome accent of Yonanas Deluxe will add a stylish touch to your kitchen when you leave it on your counter for easy everyday access. EXPANDED RECIPE BOOK: You’ll get over 75 recipes in the Healthy Dessert Book for frozen treats, pies,—even chocolate creations! EASY INSTRUCTIONS: If you can slice and freeze fruit, you can use Yonanas! Our simple to understand instructions will have you whipping up delicious creations in a flash. TRANSFORM FROZEN FRUITS INTO SOFT SERVE TREATS: Get the THICK and CREAMY consistency of soft-serve without liquids, so the consistency is not runny like a smoothie created in a blender DISHWASHER SAFE COMPONENTS – When you’re done enjoying on your decadent desserts, cleanup is quick and easy because the chute assembly, plunger, and blade are top-rack dishwasher safe.   Now you can whip up some soft-serve sweets and be creative enough with your own version of recipes--guilt-free!
Breastfeeding Silicone Nipple Protector - Gear Elevation
Breastfeeding Silicone Nipple Protector $14.99
Don’t let sore nipples prevent you from providing your baby with your valuable breast milk. This nipple protector is a thin piece of silicone that is placed on your nipple so that your baby can feed at the breast.The nipple protector provides a definitive shape for mom’s nipple, making it easy to latch onto... all what baby has to do is open his/her mouth and start sucking. Allows your baby to continue nursing until the nipple pain or challenges you are experiencing with the breasts/nipples are resolved. It's also a perfect solution for flat/inverted nipples.Protects your nipples during baby teething and also helps transition to bottle-feeding. Package Includes:1 x Nipple Protector + 1 x Travel protective caseMeasurement: 5.8 cm x 8 cm / 2.3" x 3.1"
Belt Acrylic Rack Organizer - Gear Elevation
Belt Acrylic Rack Organizer $99.99 $199.99
Saves Space, Stores, Organizes, and Displays The Belt Organizer offers a unique belt storage solution by storing the belts rolled up. This way, all the belts are stored in a minimal amount of space, it's the best product to save space, and store and organize belts on the market. It not only saves space, stores, and organizes belts, but it is also a great display for your brand name accessories that you're most proud of. Saves Closet Space and Looks Stylish The Belt Organizer is the only product on the market that enables you to take your belts outside your closet to store and organize, it can be placed on your dresser top, countertop, or even mounted on any wall or door in your home. Taking your belts to be stored outside your closet gains space in the closet for other things, which makes it a great closet organizer. The way The Belt Organizer was designed was not just to save space, store, and organize. With a stylish look in mind, it was carefully designed, so it can be used as a decorative item in your home. Not just for Belts Thanks to its sleek design, our Belt Organizer can be used for various other products, including Watches, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Office Supplies, Crafts, Martial Arts Belts, and Electronic Accessories such as chargers, Headphones, Batteries, and more. Other Cool Features Its clear front allows you to easily pick and choose your item whilst efficiently housing the others. Drawers smoothly rotate 180 degrees for easy handling of your items. It mounts on a wall and it even stacks up in case you’ve got more belts you want to show off and keep out of harm’s way. With the Belt Organizer, you eliminate the need for a belt rack, watch case, jewelry organizer, jewelry case, make-up/cosmetics organizer, crafts organizer, tie rack, and other products out there.
Baby Bassinet Adjustable Bedside Sleeper - Gear Elevation
Baby Bassinet Adjustable Bedside Sleeper $499.99 $999.99
Take care of your baby whenever, wherever. This Adjustable Bedside Baby Crib is surely what you and your baby need! Designed for ease whenever you move around, this bassinet is completely adjustable and portable. It has many features for you to benefit with: Adjustable Feet Feet are adjustable, to make it easier to get close to the parent's bed. Enjoy more peaceful moments from nap time to nighttime. With its smart design, this baby bassinet is a dream for parents and babies. Adjustable Height The height adjusts to accommodate the height of mom and dad’s bed, making it easier for you to care for your baby even in the middle of the night, and keeps your baby cozy and close. Simple & Quick Conversion Just one step to take the bassinet wall down, A quick lift on the side will unhook the bassinet wall then align with the pipe below and put it in, you are in bedside sleeper mode now. Air Mesh and Music Toy Design The open mesh sides allow more breathable comfort and visibility, giving baby a cooler and comfortable space to rest. Soothing sounds lull baby to sleep, and toy provide baby to feel and grab. Comfortable Skin-friendly Fabric Premium quality fabric, each baby with delicate skin needs to be cared in high quality baby products. And this washable material could keep clean always for child. Washable Mattress Cover A padded mattress with a wash cover is easy to take off and machine-washable. Give you a peace of mind when you’re a new parent. Sleep Like A Baby This bedside sleeper and bassinet are irresistibly comfortable and undeniably cozy. Rediscover the meaning of "sleep like a baby" when your little one snoozes, you can too. Perfect Bedside Sleeper A quick conversion takes the Bassinet over to Bedside Sleeper mode, your little one is within arm's reach throughout the night. Be sure to always use included straps to anchor the Sleeper to the adult bed.
Automotive Bluetooth Receiver Kit - Gear Elevation
Automotive Bluetooth Receiver Kit $24.99 $49.99
    Get wireless with this Automotive Bluetooth Kit. If your car doesn't come with Bluetooth function, a quick and easy solution is to acquire this mini add-on accessory. It's simple to operate by connecting it to any of your device e.g. headphones, earphones, speakers etc. and pair via Bluetooth connection. Built with rechargeable li-ion battery, it features as well long working time as it functions in low-power consumption mode.For car use, it comes with 3.5mm jack adapter to easily connect it on any of your vehicle and set-up from there. Automotive Bluetooth Receiver provides you as well a high quality sound with its noise-reduction feature. It has Sound insulation where it has the ability to to identify sound frequency through intelligent control chip and generate reverse signal to filter out external noises within the range of non-human voice frequency.  Device Operation: Power off: MFB long press for 3 seconds Volume up: short press VOL+ Volume reduction: press VOL- Switching languages: double-click and hold MFB in the pairing state (red and blue lights flashing) Pairing timeout shutdown: shutdown after 5 minutes of pairing status Low voltage reminder: when the voltage is less than 3.2v, it is reminded every 5 seconds, and 3.1v is off   Music Control: Play/pause: press MFB Last song: VOL- press for 2 seconds Next song: VOL+ 2 seconds   Telephone Control: Answer the phone: press MFB when calling Reject the call: the duration of the call is MFB Unsigned redial: double-click the MFB key, then press MFB to cancel the dialing    With this smart add-on, you can now stream music from your phone or pick up calls hands-free while breezly driving.
BackHairPro™ Men's Shaver - Gear Elevation
BackHairPro™ Men's Shaver from $34.99 $69.99
Having a hard time shaving your back hair?  Try our BackHairPro™ Men's Shaver. It comes with an Ergonomically-designed Handle and Special blade that won't hurt your skin. Plus, it's comfortable, lightweight and easy-to-use. Time to really step up your grooming game. This Shaver has a long foldable plastic handle that allows you to do the shaving by yourself and reach the areas of your back where you mostly can't using a regular razor or trimmer before. With one-of a kind retractable handle and blade cartridge, it gives you the cleanest, closest and safest shave posssible. Additionally, this has a wide two-head blade that can quickly cover back areas and  remove your body hair. It also has an anti-corrosion properties, so you can use it both for wet and dry shaving. Now, you got less hassle when shaving. Just get this BackHairPro™ Shaver and you can shave anytime you need it, even just by yourself.
Baby Sofa Sit Trainer - Gear Elevation
Baby Sofa Sit Trainer $29.99
Amazing Baby Sit Trainer! Teach your babies how to sit! With these Baby Sofa Sit Trainer.  A comfortable support to easily train your child. It is both a sofa and a toy, safe and effective!   BENEFITS: Effective. It helps your child's back in an upright position while they are learning to sit up. Secure. The seat bottom is attached, preventing your infant from sliding. Lightweight & Portable. It provides your baby with a soft cushion to sit and be placed anywhere in the house. Good support. The upright position of the child helps prevent after-meal reflux. Comfortable. Safely wraps your infant in comfort while the baby observes it surrounding.   Skin-friendly crystal super soft fabric, feel delicate, do not drop hair, do not fade. SPECIFICATIONS: 100% high-quality  Material: crystal super soft Size (after filling): front height 35cm / 13.8in, back height 40cm / 15.7in, base 50*54cm / 19.7*21.3in Style: as pictures shown NOTE: There is no cotton filling in this product. The buyer needs to fill himself before using it. Recommended Age: Up to 11 months old PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1x Baby Sofa Cover

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