Gear Station 2.0™ - 4-in-1 Smart-Tech Fast-Charging Station - Gear Elevation
Gear Station 2.0™ - 4-in-1 Smart-Tech Fast-Charging Station $49.99
Simplify Your Workspace. Our brand-new Gear Station 2.0™ all-in-one Charging dock charges your iPhone (your friend's phone), Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time with NO additional cables. The Gear Station 2.0™ houses all needed electronics to power up all of your devices at the same time, including our high power AC Adapter. We include everything needed in the box! Incorporate your rooms and office with a seamless modern and minimalist design, ridding yourself of unsightly cables for your devices, while at the same time chopping down your energy bill. Go Environment!  Versatile Viewing - Keep track of work and personal messages in vertical mode, or switch over to horizontal mode to enjoy videos and play games while charging your phone. Safety - Built in QI standard ST chip, with temperature protection, input voltage protection, input current protection, & short circuit protection, this Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Stand ensures the safety of your devices during the entire charging process.  Anti-Overheating Technology - Using highly efficient components and an advanced chipset, double coil design greatly increases the device charging speed. Totally eliminates the radiation and overheating risks associated with wireless charging. With over-voltage protection, temperature control, foreign object detection, and more, you and your Smart-Phone are fully protected. Universal Compatibility - Universal for Apple Watch Series 4/3/2/1 38/42mm; Apple iPhone 11 Pro iPhone XS XS MAX XR X 8 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9+, S9, Note 9, Note 8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge, S6 edge+, Note 5, and other Qi-enabled devices; Apple AirPods, Apple Pencil Package Includes: 4-in-1Fast-Charging Station x1 10w Fast Charging USB Hub x1  What To Do Next: Without delay, please... Click on “Add To Cart” or “Buy Now” to secure one of our last in stock Gear Station 2.0™, with an email confirmation of your purchase immediately. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed with a 30-day inspection and return privilege. All major credit cards & Paypal are gladly accepted, and the convenience of four monthly installments via Viabill™️ upon request. If you have any questions on making your order, someone on our staff will be happy to take your call, text or email.
Pest Reject™ - Ultrasonic Pest Repellent (Buy 1 Get 1 Free!) - Gear Elevation
Pest Reject™ - Ultrasonic Pest Repellent (Buy 1 Get 1 Free!) $29.99 $59.99
The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Pests From Your Home.  "I'm giving this product 5 stars because 1.) installation couldn't be easier, you just plug it into the wall. And 2.) it's already starting to work 2 days after! I saw a few spiders/insects come out of hiding within 2 days of plugging it in. It says full results within 2-3 weeks so if it's working like this now, I can't wait to see it at full capacity!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"  - Brianna S., TX FEATURES: Fast And Effective Against Mice, Rats, Ants, Roaches, Flies, Mosquitoes And Spiders Safe To Use With Cats And Dogs Non-Toxic Environment-Friendly No Chemicals Odorless 22-65KHz Of Repelling Ultrasonic Frequency 80-120 sqm Of Protection Easy To Install No Maintenance No Mess SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 3.34 x 2.24 x 1.06 inch Weight: 2.5oz  We will send you 2x Ultrasonic Pest Repellents for the price of one!
4K Camera Drone - Gear Elevation
4K Camera Drone from $79.99 $159.99
Enjoy High Definition Aerial Photography with this Amazing 4k Drone Loaded with a bunch of incredible features, capture everything from up high with this 4K Camera Drone. It features easy controls that can make any beginner get the best results, making the flight easy and stable.4K 120° Wide Angle Camera 4K Camera with 90° Adjustable Lens & 120° Wide Angle, makes it possible to capture sharp and vivid images and record more details of the beauty while flying. 5G Wi-Fi FPV Transmission 5GHz Wi-Fi Transmission system delivers smooth live video streaming. Further, Faster, Clearer, and Smoother. One Key Start One Key Take Off / Landing, High / Medium / Low 3 Speeds Mode, makes the drone more stable and easy to control for beginners and newbies. Fixed Hover The perfect combination of GPS Positioning, and Altitude Hold Mode makes flight more stable and easier to control. You can let the drone stay at a certain height so that can shoot easily. Waypoint Flight Under GPS Mode, setting your flight route on the map, the drone will automatically fly according to the specified route. Surround Flight Setting your Point of Interest on the map, the drone will circle fly with the point, allowing you to create fun flying and find the beauty of nature in every aspect. Follow Me One button, intelligent target following. The Follow Me feature has you covered automatically no matter where you go. GPS Return Home With GPS Positioning, the drone also will automatically Return Home when lost signal or low power. No worry about losing the drone. Specification: Drone Size‎: 8.26 x 8.26 x 5.44 in Drone Weight: 230g / 0.51lbs Drone Battery: 7.4V 1000mAh Battery Max Flight Time: 18 Mins / Battery Charging Time: About 3.5 Hours Camera: 4K Camera, 120° FOV, 90° Adjustable Image Resolution: 3840×2160P Video Resolution: 2048×1152P Max Control Range: 150M FPV Transmission: 5G Wi-Fi
GearWatt™ - Electricity Energy Saver - Gear Elevation
GearWatt™ - Electricity Energy Saver from $29.99 $59.99
Instantly Reduce Your Electric Bill by Up to 90% Demand for New Energy-Saving Devices at an All-Time High Are your electricity bills getting higher and higher each month, year by year? It's no coincidence! Retail residential electricity rates (the amount you pay per kilowatt-hour, or ¢/kWh) have sharply risen across the nation: about 27% over the last 3 years. This trend is unlikely to be disrupted in the future: natural gas prices are likely only to increase, and as they do, electricity rates will rise. How Does it Actually Work? GearWatt was designed to constantly improve and optimize your power stream, by capturing and straightening the current energy that would otherwise be lost. Once it is completely optimized, your electricity consumption will be lower. If your home is large, it is beneficial to place one unit close to the breaker box and additional units as far away from it as possible. It is as simple as that. We recommend 1 GearWatt device for every 1000 sq ft. GearWatt is used for economizing electricity, effectively saving electricity and up to 60%-90% of electrical consumption for a heavy-duty load. The product saves you money right out of the box. The function of GearWatt is to stabilize the voltage, balance the current, and offer surge protection in order to achieve a power-saving effect. The product itself has almost no consumption of energy, so you can use it to save power consumed by electric appliances, such as refrigerators, air-conditioners, televisions, and so on. It is incredibly easy to use, plug into any socket or line. The LED light will become green immediately. GearWatt can abate electrical overheating when it operates normally at the rated load. The external shell has advanced fire-proof and explosion-proof material, and internal leakage protection measures make it safe and reliable. The longer the power energy saver is used, the better the effect will be. This is truly a great advantage for your household appliances. GearWatt is suitable for houses, condominiums, apartments, shop lots, restaurants, offices, small factories, etc.; however, there are no electricity saving benefits for heating appliances, such as electric stoves, electronic cookers, etc. Sounds good... but can I get PROOF that this can save me money on my electricity bill?   
Natural Repellent - Ultrasonic Anti-Mosquito Wrist Band (w/ 3-Block Modes) - Gear Elevation
Natural Repellent - Ultrasonic Anti-Mosquito Wrist Band (w/ 3-Block Modes) from $29.99 $59.99
Keeps You Protected Anywhere Anytime Against Mosquitoes Natural Repellent - Ultrasonic Anti-Mosquito Wrist Band has the capabilities to keep mosquitoes away from the person wearing. It's effective in repelling for about 70% to 80% as it simulates specific sound frequencies that affect mosquitoes. Ideal for everyone from babies to elders. Read more of its details below: HIGHLIGHTS Natural & Innovative Wristband: This product exhibits an eco-friendly way of keeping off mosquitoes away. It produces an ultrasonic sound waves, inaudible to most adults, that creates sound barrier from the mosquitoes. No need to apply lotions, use chemical gases, and other hassle tricks. Reusable and USB Charging: With built-in aluminum polymer battery, you can just recharge this smart wristband. No needed for replacements. Three-Blocking Modes: These blocking modes enables different levels of  frequency. 1st Gear: Daily Inside Use 2nd Gear: Outside Use 3rd Gear: Silent Mode Extra Features: It's water resistant for about 3 bar which can stand daily activities of hand washing and splashes of water. Plus, to make it more ergonomic, this wristband offers a variant with digital clock display making more useful, coming with another feature that is mostly ideal for everyday. Stylish and Convenient: Repellent made easy to use and wear. Its made of silicone strap that fits well on everyone's wrist and comes in its most modern look for your daily sartorial choice. NOTE: Pink Variant is only available with LED Time Display. Specifications: Input: 5V/1A Output: 34Hz-70KHz Charging Time: about 30 minutes Life Time: 130h Colors: Black, White, Pink Weight: 50g Package Includes: 1* Natural Mosquito Repellent Wristband 1* Charging Cable 1* Instruction Manual
Oura Brush™ - 360° Hands-Free Automatic Toothbrush - Gear Elevation
Oura Brush™ - 360° Hands-Free Automatic Toothbrush $49.99 $94.99
Meet the latest innovation in dental technology: OuraBrush™, the original automatic toothbrush. With manual and electric toothbrushes, you have to brush your teeth for a full 2 minutes, and there is unfortunately a lot of room for human error and spots missed. There is also the risk of brushing too hard, especially with electric toothbrushes. This can lead to a receding gum line and your enamel being exposed, leading to permanent damage. Switching to OuraBrush™ actually gives you 2 in 1: Get the ultimate dental care by getting your teeth cleaned and whitened at the same time! Our brush includes a dental grade, LED Blue Light that accelerates whitening teeth while you brush. You can now remove difficult stains from coffee, wine, tea, and smoking. No need to continue splurging on messy whitening strips that damage your teeth over time. Our brush heads are made of food-grade silicone that is tough on plaque, yet safe on your enamel. The long bristles reach beyond the gumline and massage gums to loosen debris and promote proper blood flow. Since the OuraBrush™ brushes each tooth and all surface spots simultaneously, 30 seconds is all the time it needs to take from your day! Save time during stressful mornings. OuraBrush™ uses ADA approved BASS technology: high vibrational frequencies to effectively remove bacteria. With this technology, you can rely on AutoBrush® to take care of your cleanings with minimal effort from your side. This BASS technique provides a quiet, pleasant experience while brushing, compared to traditional electric toothbrushes that are typically loud and noisy. Enjoy the powerful cleaning experience of OuraBrush™, without causing a ruckus early in the morning.
GearBass™ - High-End Wireless Speaker - Gear Elevation
GearBass™ - High-End Wireless Speaker $59.99 $199.99
A Jaw-Dropping Audio Experience, Now At A Jaw-Dropping Price. More than a connected speaker, Emits sound using. Invented and made in France, changes the world of sound.  😍Connect in your kitchen, bedroom and living room-filling your home with sound😍 You always bring the best playlist. Now make sure you bring the best sound. It’s a Bluetooth® speaker, a PA system, and just what you need to turn up the fun at parties, outdoor get-togethers, and all those times that deserve better sound. Stream wirelessly from a mobile device, plug in a microphone, or even your favorite musical instrument. THIS IS HOT WIRELESS SPEAKER IN 2020 🔹Amplification: (360-Degree Stereo Surrounds Sound Effect) At the core of its many innovations is ADH Intelligence(Analogue Digital Hybrid) - a revolutionary technology that merges the clarity of analog (Class A) amplification with the power and efficiency of digital (Class D). The innovation doesn't stop there. Packed with 100 + patented technologies, including (super of pure power), this delivers a sound experience that is more like a front-row seat than a wireless speaker.    🔹Design: It changes the game with Exhilarating Audiophile Performance, Simple Functionality, and Award-winning Design. In fact, the iconic spherical design is the result of extreme acoustic engineering designed to deliver omnidirectional sound via four drivers - two woofers, a midrange, and a tweeter. This means you can place this anywhere and always enjoy the pure emotion of music. 🌠WONDERFUL WIRELESS SPEAKER IN THE WORLD: The most accurate and powerful speaker from it creates a live concert experience. It features our Exclusive Analog Digital Hybrid Technology. With power, clarity, and precision unlike anything, you’ve heard before. 🌠HIGH PERFORMANCE: 4500 peak watts is enabled by 108 patents produces, a titanium tweeter offers an unparalleled frequency range of 14Hz to 27kHz and 108 DB 🌠MULTIFUNCTIONAL CONNECTION: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, TV, Web Radio 🌠MULTI-ROOM: Connect in your kitchen, bedroom, and living room-filling your home with sound, using our Dialog (Smart-Hub) and app to control each room 🌠MULTIPOINT PAIRING & AD2P SUPPORT -- Multipoint pairing for use with two devices at the same time. A2DP support for streaming audio from Bluetooth devices.  Sound Pressure Level:108 dB SPL at 1 meter Acoustical Performance:Bandwidth : 14Hz to 27kHz (@-6dB) Accuracy in frequency response : ± 2dB from 20Hz to 20kHz Amplification Performances:THD+N* : 0.0005% | Saturation : 0 | Background Noise 0 dB SPL at 50 cm (-15,5 dB SPL at 3m) Digital To Analog Converter: DAC embedded in ADH2 intelligence 24bits/192kHz THD: -112dB Power Supply:IEC 90-240 V~50/60Hz Loudspeakers:Grade 1 Titanium Tweeter driver Aluminum Medium driver Aluminum Bass drivers:Package dimensions:15.2 * 9.8 * 9.5cm CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY:  100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If your items arrive damaged or become defective within 30 calendar days of normal usage, we will gladly issue out a replacement or refund. OUR WAREHOUSE. READY TO SEND YOUR ORDER!  
Walkman USB Cassette Capture to MP3 Converter - Gear Elevation
Walkman USB Cassette Capture to MP3 Converter $64.99 $129.99
Groove to Yesterday's Music with this Cassette to MP3 Converter Are you one of those old music fans who'd love to listen to their first recordings even on tape? Then you've found just the right gadget! This portable cassette converter effortlessly turns your tracks on cassette tape into MP3 file format. Now, there's a way for you to preserve your tracks from your fave artist of the last decades as it is! Brilliant, isn't it? Know more of it details here: HIGHLIGHTS Cassette to MP3 Converter -- Convert cassette tape to MP3 files, no computer required. The converter records your tape(either manually or automatically) onto a USB flash drive, then it can be transferred anywhere; The converter comes with a volume control button, you can adjust the volume during recording, as well as playback;Compatible with USB2.0 and USB 3.0. USB Cassette Capture-- It helps effortlessly convert old tapes to MP3 files with playback function. This tape converter works with the USB drive in FAT, FAT32 formats up to 128G; A fast USB drive with higher read rate (4M-6M/S) will have better performance and prevent the recorded files from skipping during playback. Auto Reverse -- This cassette converter can automatically switch sides of tape while a conversion is underway. Audio Rates: A44.1 and 48kHz@16-bit for YouTube MP3 making, Powered by USB port or 2X AA batteries, USB power is more stable than batteries. Auto / Manual Mode-- With the auto mode, this cassette to MP3 converter will save each “song” or each sentence (e.g., of an audiobook) into a separate MP3 file (track); Default on manual mode, switch to auto mode with the “▶▶” button. Standard Walkman Use -- This is a user-friendly MP3 converter with a classic "walkman" look. You can use headphones, earbuds, or an audio port to car speaker with the 3.5mm AUX jack. It comes with headphones so that you can listen while you convert tapes to MP3, and there is a carry bag for basic protection.
E27 Security Cam Light Bulb - Gear Elevation
e27 Security Light Bulb Camera from $74.99 $149.99
 The perfect surveillance you need at home. 🏡 Wireless & Easy Installation: This camera can be installed using a normal E27 bulb base(110V~240V), NO MORE EXTRA INSTALLATION STEPS. You just need to connect the camera system to the router, open the app to set up the camera within minutes. Remote Viewing & Night Vision: Our camera can control the viewing angle through APP,you can access remotely view anywhere and any time through your iPhone/Android phone/Ipad, Even in complete darkness, you can view clear images. Motion Detection & Real-time Alerts this PTZ dome surveillance camera adopts a highly sensitive motion sensor,Once the camera detects the movement of the object after connecting it to the Internet, it will record the moving picture and notify you through the APP. 1080P & Pan Tilt This Pan Tilt WiFi camera can provide you with a clear vision (Full HD 1080P resolution) at any time,You can use the APP to control the camera viewing angle to achieve 360 viewing without blind spots.Two-Way Audio & High Quality Service Built-in microphone and speaker, the bulb security camera can have a conversation between you and your visitor, If you have any question, please contact us.We provide lifetime technical support and services. PRODUCT PARAMETERS Night vision range: 10-15 meter Support factor: IOS, Android 4.0 or above PTZ angle: Horizontal 355° vertical 60° Features: motion detection/voice intercom / infrared mode automatic switching Audio parameters: Built-in microphone/speaker wireless network: Support wifi wireless network
Anti-Dent™ - Hot Glue Gun + FREE Glue Sticks Included - Gear Elevation
Anti-Dent™ - Hot Glue Gun + FREE Glue Sticks Included from $29.99
This Hot Glue-Gun is recommended to accompany your Anti-Dent™ -  Dent Removal Bar!    Comes equipped with a Complementary  Glue-Sticks!    Be sure to choose the correct Plug Type for your home country! (US, or EU Plug types only)  
Nano Hair Steamer - Gear Elevation
Nano Hair Steamer $149.99 $299.99
Prevent your hair from ever getting too dry and damaged with this revolutionary hair steamer! This device is perfect for all hair care routines, hair coloring, and even face moisturizing. You can also add different essential oils to the steamer to customize your flawless treatment results!  FEATURES AND BENEFITS  TEMPERATURE  You can adjust the steamer to three different water temperatures, so you can alwaysget the perfect treatment.    NANO SPRAY Equipped with a micro-nano blue light spray nozzle that disperses the steam for longer and more effective treatment.  HEALTHY Promotes the penetration of nutrients into your scalp and skin creating the most effective personal care device!  
3D Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier with HD Display - Gear Elevation
3D Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier with HD Display from $39.99 $79.99
  AMP UP YOUR MOBILE WATCHING EXPERIENCE Staying at Home made us spend more time with our mobile phones. We do a lot of activities with it from work, hobbies, leisure to home tasks and more.  These tasks make us constantly on the screen. Noticeably though, small screen viewing gets us uncomfortable in the long run; tiring your eyes easily which can also damage your vision.  With this 3D Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier, it provides you the solution by enlarging the view and making it easier for the eyes. Featuring an HD zoom optical technology, the screen magnifier magnifies your screen at two times its size, retaining a crisp and clear image, without the need of a battery. Furthermore, if you enjoy mobile gaming, use the screen amplifier with a wireless keyboard, and turn your smartphone into a gaming station! HIGHLIGHTS Amplification Function:This phone screen amplifier exhibits 12inch/10inch big screen that can magnify the phone screen 3-4 times. Bigger screen for better watching experience. Pull-type Acrylic Clear Screen:The phone screen amplifier features its pull-type structure, which can effectively protect the screen when it is not used, easy to operate and portable. In addition, the ultra clear acrylic screen attributes eye-protection. Foldable structure:Its phone screen amplifier can be folded into super thin shape, which is compact and convenient to carry out. Foot bracket:The phone screen amplifier with foot bracket can rise the phone screen amplifier for better viewing angle. Stable Phone Holder:The silicone pad can not only prevent the phone slipping problem but also protect your phone form scratches. Scope of Application:The phone screen amplifier is widely suitable for living room, bedroom, office, travel, train and so on. Specifications: Type: Phone Screen Amplifier Material: Acrylic ABS plastic Color: black/ red / white Size:     260 x 174 x 9mm/ 10.22 x 6.84 x 0.35inch (L*W*H) 220 x 160 x 8mm/ 8.661 x 6.29 x 0.31inch (L*W*H) Net weight:350g / 12.35oz250g / 8.818oz Package included: 1 x Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier with 3D and HD Display
Elevation Gear Mobile VR Headset - Gear Elevation
Elevation Gear Mobile VR Headset $59.95
Welcome To Virtual Reality.   Interested in Virtual Reality Technologies, but have been turned off by the $500-$1,000 barrier to entry? Own A Smart Phone?  Well, look no further, step into a New World, and Open Your Eyes. Our flagship product, The Gear Elevation VR Headset, is designed for the everyday gamer, movie-goer and explorer, to step into Virtual Reality gaming and immersive experiences to it's fullest. If you have a Smart-Phone, then you NEED to experience Virtual Reality from the comfort of your own home.  103°VR View - Travel new lands & see magical landscapes... such as the summit of Mount Lyell and overlook the surrounding mountains covered by snow; imagine the wind blowing across your face... Our 103 degree field of view makes you feel like an actual climber, not as a mere watcher or viewer. It balances immersion and clarity of view while providing you the most excellent VR view to watch 360 degree video. The stable and precise head tracking via the built-in gyro sensor and accelerometer makes sure it's a smooth ride.  Eye Protected Anti-blue Light HD Lenses - Eye-protected lenses with unparalleled clarity make VR movies a visual experience comparable to world-renowned IMAX. DESTEK V4 will always make sure you have the best seat in your private theatre wherever you really are. Elevate your gaming with Bluetooth Remote Controller -Control Comes Naturally. Use the Gear VR controller as a remote control to navigate your virtual reality with ease or use it as a gamepad complete with trigger to win battles. The controller is designed to be used naturally with one hand. Ergonomic Design For Maximum Comfort - The face padding made of soft leather makes your skin feel comfortable and allows you to immerse yourself without irritation. The head strap has upward 9 degrees of adjustment to prevent the strap from touching your ears while relieving pressure on your head and nose. The object/pupil distance can be adjusted separately to get clearest view without your own glasses (even for consumers with myopia under 600°, hyperopia under 300° or astigmatic under 100°). Wide Compatibility - Share one with the whole family! It supports smartphones with 4.5-6 inches screen, such as iPhone X 8 7 plus/6s/6/6 plus, Samsung s8/plus s7/s7 Edge/s6/s6 Edge Note8/5/4/3, LG g6 g5 g4 g3 v20, and Daydream phones like Google Pixel/Pixel XL/Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL, Samsung s8/s8 plus, Moto Z/Z Force, Huawei Mate 9 Pro, etc. Included in Package: 1x Elevation Gear 6.0 VR Headset 3D Virtual Reality Glasses, 1x VR Remote, 1x User Manual, 1x Cleaning Cloth  Click The "Add To Cart" button now!
Anti-Radiation Mobile Phone Sticker - Gear Elevation
GearProtect™ Anti-Radiation EMF Neutralizer Sticker $14.99 $29.99
 Protect You & Your Family from Harmful Radiation Most of electronic devices can ionize air out of positive ions, which damage our nerve cells. While, this Radiation Shield Sticker effectively neutralizes this harmful ions by releasing negative ions. Its made of 16 semi-precious stones, rare metals and special oxides with superior magnetic properties that is capable of producing these opposite element. HIGHLIGHTS ☢ NEGATIVE ION GENERATOR EMF SHIELD: Negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin and scalar energy help to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy. ☢ EASY TO USE: This shielding device is small and compact. Stick blocker directly to your cell phone / tablet/ laptop/ router or their cases or any other electronic devices. Note: Ultra-slim design doesn't affect using case or cover. Feel Anti-Radiation Mobile Phone Sticker's wonderful effects from negative ions. Apply it to the surface of the electronic items that generates high level positive ions and radiation. Refer to the list below and the precise points where to apply the Anti-Radiation Sticker: Smartphone - Apply a Anti-Radiation Sticker to the battery to extend the lifespan as well as to reduce the radiation output. Laptop - Apply a Anti-Radiation Sticker to the battery as well as another one at the laptop screen to reduce radiation and glare. Television - Apply 2Anti-Radiation Stickers to any part of the board behind the screen. Fridge - Apply 2 Anti-Radiation Stickers to the side of the fridge as well as another 1 inside the fridge to encourage a fresher air flow. Lamp - Apply one sticker on any part of the lamp near the bulb. Air Condition - Apply 2 Anti-Radiation Stickers near the side of the air-con to improve fresh air flow. Small Gadgets - Apply near the battery to extend battery life and reduce radiation output. Microwave Oven/Grill - Apply 2 Anti-Radiation Stickers to the back of the oven to minimize radiation and electricity usage. ☢ Package Inclusion: 10pcs of Anti-Radiation Mobile Phone Sticker Effectively Reduce EMF EMR Radiation and create a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.
Multifunction Bluetooth Beanie - Gear Elevation
Multifunction Bluetooth Beanie $34.99 $69.99
Out on a cold day and need to receive a call?  No need to scramble in your bag to search for your phone, this Multi-function Beanie is just perfect when your outside on commute, walking on the streets or taking a run. Take calls easily with just one press on your beanie!You can also use it to jam on your fave music while protecting yourself from the chilling weather. It's a 2-in-1 hat featuring built-in Bluetooth speakers and the beanie itself, plus rechargeable batteries. HIGHLIGHTS Enjoy Good Connectivity with the Bonus Cell Phone Armband:This is the only wireless beanie Bluetooth hat kit that contains armband cell phone accessories case. It keeps your phone snug and secure inside the case without needing to save your phone in your pocket to suffer from dropping off the Bluetooth connectivity while you're doing physical activity. Excellent Battery Performance:With built-in improved rechargeable battery, it can provide up to 17-25 hours working time, 720 hours stand by time and only 1.5-2hours of charging time. You can enjoy up to 168 songs on a single charge.  HiFi Sound Quality: This Headphone beanie comes with two speakers with Hi-Fi sound quality offer up to 110DB HD stereo sound, with echo and noise reduction functions,create a 3D stereo effect around your head. You can enjoy amazingly enhanced music experience even you are in a noisy street. Quality Chip Set: Easy and fast pairing with compatibility to connect to all other Bluetooth enabled media player devices including smartphones, tablets,iPhone,iPad,Android,Samsung Galaxy,laptops,PC,... etc.our Bluetooth hat stablest and strongest connection,other brands are V4.1 or V4.0 or V5.0 which might have difficulties with sync. Double Thick Soft Knit: Features premium stretchable double soft knit for comfort and maximum fitness. Its 49 grams heavier than other brands to protect you from the cold winter.

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