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Flip 'n Slide Mouse Trap

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Color: White

Only a few left in stock - order soon.

Put an End to Rat Invasion

Have the rats been pervasive in your home lately?

Then you need this Flip 'n Slide Rat Trap.

Unlike traditional mouse traps, this New trapping tool on the lock is just the right thing you need.

When it comes to easy-to-use traps, this one proves its simplicity from the multiple catches it provides.

The tool is created with consumers with pets at home in mind. No need for glue or toxic chemicals that could affect your pets or anyone at home.
Safety is one of our top priorities. 


Higher Capture Rate


Easy to Clean and Hygienic afterward


Whether you're in an urban area, suburban or rural setting, this is a necessity to battle rat invasion--and win it.

A simple and easy-to-use trap that can catch multiple mice or squirrels overnight.

🐭 You can use this mousetrap to quickly clean up food factories, restaurants, barns, garages or houses, etc.

👏 Ideal rat tool: Can be reused, with no pollution. This is a new generation of green environmental protection.

🐶 Pet/Child Friendly

Stop buying traditional rat traps, which may harm your household pets or even worse...your children. Our Trapping Tool is 100% safe and non-toxic.

🧼 Hygiene

There is no need to use glue or traps to dispose of dirty corpses, as they may be infected with deadly diseases. Now, just release/dispose of the mouse, without getting close to the messy place.

🐀 Critter trapper

Our mousetrap has the unique ability to catch mice and small and medium-sized mice or other animals coming into your yard. This trapping tool will help you release them to where they should be.

Flip 'n Slide Mouse Trap

Color: White

Only a few left in stock - order soon.

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