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Flexible Shaft Extension for Electronic Drill

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Current price $9.99
Size: 195mm

Only a few left in stock - order soon.

Remove screws & bolts easily, even in tight, awkward positions.

This flexible extension set can be bent, twisted, and rotated to fit in tight spaces at many angles and where your hands can't fit. It’s incredible for installation work, DIY projects, and home repairs.


Have you ever needed to get to a screw that’s located in a small space, but you just don’t know how?

This Flexible Drill Extension Set is the ultimate solution for all your problems!

It’s perfect for all the small & difficult spaces where traditional drills can’t get to. Also, it’s suitable for computer chassis, electrical cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances, and other places where normal screwdrivers will not work.



The flexible black casing safely protects your hands while allowing you to grip the extension and bend it into place.

The 11.8-inch shaft’s incredible flexibility allows it to bend, twist, and straighten in even the most confined spaces. 

Our pliable extension can also crumple and rotate at many angles. It is an essential tool for hardware maintenance.


craftsmanship, high-quality polymer, and metal materials combined to produce a top-notch and time-efficient tool!

Our flexible drill bit shaft has a wide range of uses. For example, it’s compatible with a low-speed hand drill, torque drill, etc. 

We also provide you with a variety of sockets and screwdriver bits, so you can use the connecting rod. 

This allows you to connect the handle or other electric drills. 

It can easily enter dead corners, narrow spaces, and any other places that a common screwdriver can't.

Flexible Shaft Extension for Electronic Drill

Size: 195mm

Only a few left in stock - order soon.

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