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🚨 Free Shipping For Rewards Members - 50% Sale Ends Today 🚨


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Color: green neck float

Only a few left in stock - order soon.

The Neckfloat, exclusively to BabyBub is the new way over 40,000 parents worldwide are keeping their children (aged 2-24 months) smiling while getting squeaky clean.

Neckfloat™ is an inflatable device that sits safely and comfortably under the baby’s chin, keeping them afloat effortlessly in the bath and pool. It’s bright colors and fitted bells are great for sensory stimulation.

What was once a tear-filled, screaming mess now becomes a photo-filled hour of fun!

The safety of your little one was our number one priority when designing. The fitted safety lock sits behind the baby’s head and a double layer of thick, BPA-free plastic is used to avoid tears and punctures.

Neckfloat™ not only promotes independence and confidence in the water but also provides crucial developmental benefits for your child:

Muscle Development: Spending time in the water from a very young age is crucial to a baby’s muscle control and development. The Neckfloat™ assists by providing a safe and comfortable pillow, teaching baby to hold their head up, as well as advancing the coordination of arms and legs.

Motor Skill Development: Multiple studies have proven that motor skill development in children who are given the opportunity to explore their body movements freely in water are more advanced than children who don’t. Neckfloat™ allows your baby to splash, kick, wade and glide freely, creating tons of new neural connections every time they play.

Special Needs Children: Bath time for parents with special needs children would normally be a stressful part of everyday life. Neckfloat™ is used by hundreds of our customers to help babies participate in rehabilitation hydrotherapy for conditions such as Autism, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, and many more. 

Imagine saving an entire hour of your day by avoiding that screaming match with your toddler when you tell them it’s tub time! If your child is above 8 weeks old, and weighs more than 9 lbs/4kgs you can now enjoy peaceful playtime instead.

We are currently running a massive 50% off SALE on Neckfloat™ for the entire month of April to celebrate Autism Awareness Month! Get yours while stocks last.

BABYBUB TIP: Use a few drops of Organic Lavender oil in the bath at night time to soothe and calm baby before bed.


Color: green neck float

Only a few left in stock - order soon.

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