Newly Designed 2020 Minimalist Blue-Light Blocking Reading Glasses - Gear Elevation
Newly Designed 2020 Minimalist Blue-Light Blocking Reading Glasses $29.99 $59.99
Minimalist, lightweight, stylish & hard, when several elements come together, it becomes a reading glasses we will introduce today. We have designed armless reading glasses in the first half of the year, and the sales are very good. However, reading glasses with arms does not mean that they are out of date. Armed glasses are more stable than armless glasses and are relatively comfortable. Although our armless glasses have been done very well Mixed and universal reading glasses. A lightweight frame on the nose. A case that fits anywhere, a high-quality design, ultra-practical on a daily basis. A very simple solution that changes everything.  Nylon frame, only 17 grams. The only place you'll forget your glasses is on your own nose!  - The ultra-lightweight frame (12 grams)  - Ultra-flat protective case (13mm) Although the armless glasses of the previous generation are stable enough, they still cannot be compared with the new arm reading glasses. A pair of glasses designed for your daily life. Ultra-thin and practical, solid and stylish, our reading glasses with arms can be taken everywhere. Discover a new high-end comfort for your eyes. *The difference between zoom reading glasses and traditional reading glasses: Our glasses surface coating and protection products create easy-to-clean and anti-fingerprint resistant properties    Product Detail Polycarbonate frame: 17 grams only Hypoallergenic elastomer Made in France Certified optical quality (CE standard + certified medical device) Frame size : 145 x 50 x 21 mm Ultraviolet rays cut: UV400 
Posture Corrector - Gear Elevation
Posture Corrector $39.99 $79.99
If you are stuck to sit and work for hours in the office or you stand still and operate the factory plant, this tool suits any routine. We have a solution for you, it helps alleviate backaches, bad posture, osteoporosis, kyphosis, neck and shoulder pain. Unlike other posture correctors, it is easy to wear and use without assistance from someone else for putting on /removal. Additionally, it is suitable for whole day use considering that it is comfortable to wear and that it will not let you accumulate sweat. As such, it acts as a perfect plus for use by persons who sit all day at work and in the office!  ADJUSTABLE SIZE: Adjustment from 28 to 48 Inch in chest circumference.Figure 8 Back Posture Corrector with breathable and latex-free adjustment strap. OVERALL CORRECTION: Shoulder Support Brace Pull back your Upper Back to the right position. And then improve your whole body posture during work or life. USE ANYTIME: You can use it not only when you are sitting on computer or driving a car, but also when you are playing sports or gardening. What is more, you can use it at home when you are doing housework, or watching TV. PRACTICAL: Posture brace filed with Lightweight neoprene,can be worn comfortably under or over clothing.Correct your posture all day.You can put on and adjust by yourself.   KEY FEATUERS Improve posture & reduce slouching immediately with easily adjustable dual strap design Eliminates neck and back discomfort from sitting with rounded shoulders in front of the computer Align your shoulders, spine and upper back. Easily get perfect confident posture - start standing, sitting much straighter. Wear all day to retrain your posture- it's nearly invisible when worn under a shirt.
Kitchen Over-the-sink Dish Drain Rack - Gear Elevation
Kitchen Over-the-sink Dish Drain Rack from $99.99 $199.99
Skip the drying. Let all the dishes sit on this drying rack and you're done! Kitchen tasks are part of our day-to-day living. It's inevitable specially these days that home cooking is much ideal to do. However, cooking also meant that more dishes have to be cleaned. Dishwashing by hand, you'll need the Kitchen Dish Drain Rack that will help you dry up all of your clean dishes and wrap up the kitchen cleaning quickly. This one of a kind Drying Rack is a true space saver with its design unlike most of the dish rack out there. It is made to stand over your sink which cleverly drains wet dishes & utensils down to the sink. No need to check draining trays and such or, perhaps, collapse the rack when you need to put it away. This will come naturally as part of your kitchen, like cabinets that you didn't have to stash away. Its just there, for storage and drying right after dish washing. HIGHLIGHTS 🍽 MAXIMIZE KITCHEN SPACE—With practical design that combines drying and kitchen storage, all in one. It improves the kitchen space utilization by using the space above the sink. Anti-skid adjustable rubber coated pads are added for sink or countertop protection. 🍽 STABLE & STURDY & RUSTPROOF— Made of high-grade stainless steel baked enamel, gives the over sink rack unparalleled durability, with a black matte coating making it impervious to rust or corrosion. Engineered for maximum stability and with 4 powerful suction cups on the back, it won’t topple over when loaded. 🍽 CUSTOMIZABLE PARTS—8 interchangeable components let you customize your Sink Rack to your dish-drying and kitchen storage needs. The set includes: 1 dish rack, 1 bowl rack, 1 knife holder, 1 fruit & vegetable basket, 1 chopping board rack which could be pot cover holder , 1 square basket which could be detergent holder, 1 cutlery holder/chopsticks cage, and 6 hooks. 🍽 ADJUSTABLE LENGTH, FITS 99% SINK—The sink rack’s length is adjustable, which is best for the sink length≤40 inches, the height of the faucet should be ≤ 16. 5 inches, the height between the cabinet bottom to the countertop should be ≥ 20. 5 inches. Note: Please carefully measure 3 numerical values: The width of your kitchen sink, the height of the faucet and the height between the cabinet bottom to the counter top. 🍽 QUALITY—Equipped with a hex key for the bolts, NO extra tools are needed. It's plain easy to assemble.
Multi-function Spy Camera Detector - Gear Elevation
Multi-function Spy Camera Detector $139.99 $279.99
Safe from Prying Eyes and Spies GSM, Bluetooth, WiFi, and DECT Bugs are common these days. The ability to place these miniscule devices into everyday objects is an immense threat to everyday security and the privacy of an individual. These enable people to listen in on every single sound you make whether you're talking business or personally. These threats are not the work of science fiction they are threats that far more people are susceptible than one would think. With this, Multi-function Spy Camera Detector helps neutralize any possible bug threat. It ensures the safety of your work or any type of environment. HIGHLIGHTS PERFECT ANTI SPY DETECTOR: Professional detection device from WISECONN. The smart chip is more powerful and the sensitivity is stronger. It can efficiently detect RF wireless signal, magnetic field signal, hidden wired or wireless camera devices. Any suspicious device in the wide detection range of 1MHZ~800MHZ can be easily detected, especially all kinds of bugs, car trackers, listening devices bugs, hidden microphone, hidden cameras A MUST- HAVE FOR PRIVACY PROTECTION: With stronger sensitivity and wide range of detection frequency, it's great for anti sneak shot, anti tracking, anti eavesdropping. A wonderful defender of 1.2G/2.4G/5.8G wireless hidden camera, wireless eavesdropping devices, audio bug, GSM Listening bug, locators with Mobile 2G/3G/4G Card, Magnetic positioner, GPS tracker, etc. Take it with you in the hotel, a trip, anywhere you don’t trust surroundings, it's the best for protecting your privacy MULTIPLE USAGE: With 3 Detection Modes, RF wireless signal detection, laser scanning and magnetic field signal detection. When you are in a room which you don't trust, power on the bug detector. The detector signal bars flashes when there's RF signal transmitter. The closer the suspicious device, more signal bars are light on. Use the laser lamp to find hidden camera lenses. Very simple to use. Multiple to use in business meeting room, hotel, home, bathroom, dressing room, car, etc SIMPLE TO USE & EASY TO UNDERSTAND INSTRUCTION MANUAL: Re-designed instruction manual. A very helpful and simple to use hidden camera finder & GPS detector. Compact and light-weight is easy for you to carry everywhere. One charge is for 8-10 hours continuously working. With feature of intelligent analysis, multi-exploration, long working time, and more durable material, this hidden spy camera detector is very easy and reliable to use
Mini Portable Electric Heater - Gear Elevation
Mini Portable Electric Heater $74.99 $149.99
  Get the best personal heater for your room. Equip yourself from the weather and be comfortable. This mini electric heater features a max power of 500W that can quickly and easily heat up the temperature in the room to bring warmth  you need. It supports 1-12 hours timer function and 2 adjustable speeds, and has auto power off feature when the setting temperature is achieved, no need to worry about overheating. It's safe, reliable, and easy to use. PRODUCT DETAILS ✔ PTC ceramic element: Quickly and easily heat up, keeping you warm in the cold winter. ✔ Built-in timer function(1-12 hours), perfect for preheating the rooms. ✔ Supports 15℃~32℃ temperature setting. ✔ Automatically power off when reached the temperature set to avoid accidents, safe and reliable. ✔ With 2 speeds, easy to adjust it based on your actual needs. ✔ Comes with a remote control for conveniently controlling. ✔ Easy to use, suitable for using at home or in the office. Specifications: Material: Plastic Plug: EU, US (Optional) Power: 500W Temperature Setting: 15℃~32℃ Item Size: approx. 180 * 100 * 70 mm / 7.09 * 3.94 * 2.76in Item Weight: approx. 369g / 13.02ounce Package Size: approx. 185 * 125 * 115 mm / 7.28 * 4.92 * 4.53in Package Weight: approx. 473g / 16.68ounce NOTE: Please read the user manual carefully before using this product. Package Inclusion: 1 * Heater 1 * Remote Control 1 * User Manual(English)
Leg Cushion for Back, Hips, Legs & Knee Support - Gear Elevation
Leg Cushion for Back, Hips, Legs & Knee Support $39.99 $79.99
Wake up with no achy feelings from your back or joints. Whether you underwent surgeries or got knee injuries, this pillow is recommended to get a better sleep at night, especially in your side position. Experience having a good night sleep without slightly getting awake from the pain. With its ergonomic design, this pillow stays in place as you roll over or change sleeping position. Unlike traditional pillows, large and bulky, this pelvic pillow features soft curves and contour that fits perfectly to the natural shape of your legs. What it does is take off the pressure from your hips and back from aligning and positioning your legs and knees. Made with memory foam, its breathable so even if it stays the whole night between your legs it won't only take the heat but circulate and breathe it out.   Specifications: Material: Ventilation air hole memory foam Color: White/Blue   Package included: 1 x Pelvic Knee Pillow
Silicone Spring Knee Protection Sleeve - Gear Elevation
Silicone Spring Knee Protection Sleeve $19.99 $39.99
Looking for the perfect knee sleeve that can give you protection, comfortable fit and stays on regardless of how active you are? Stabilize your knees and experience full freedom of movement.  Silicone Spring Knee Protection Sleeve works effective knee compression for mild knee pain, effectively minimize discomfort arthritis and control swelling. It's made from quick absorbing and odor-free material, so you can continuously use it for hours. What's special bout this fabric is its three-dimensional braiding that can retain more heat that mostly helps in blood circulation around the knee area.  This is also knee-customized bearing 360 degrees curve which hugs perfectly and enables non-slippage on the joint part. Along this, the center part bears a soft neoprene knee buffer which gives higher degree of compression. This is ideal to protect and prevent harsh impact on your knees during exercises and other activities.   Guarding on each side, this knee sleeve features two spring strips that stabilizes the medial & lateral ligaments to prevent your knees from giving away. FEATURES OF OUR UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY: ✔ Non-slip & Long Lasting: Quality made from quality materials ✔ Supports joint and muscle recovery ✔ Relief arthritis, and mild knee pain ✔ Improves blood circulation, and stimulates oxygen airflow to the muscles ✔ Minimizes injury with optimal muscle support ✔ Comfortable wear from day to night ✔ Eliminates unpleasant smell SIZING GUIDE: Get the excellent support for your knees from these support sleeves. Choose the right size for you. S (Suitable for Leg circumference: 36-40 cm / 14 -16 inch) M (Suitable for Leg circumference: 40-44 cm / 16 -17 inch) L (Suitable for Leg circumference: 44-48 cm / 17-19 inch) XL (Suitable for Leg circumference: 48-52 cm / 19-20.5 inch) XXL (Suitable for Leg circumference: 52-56 cm / 20.5-22 inch)   PACKAGE INCLUSION: 1pc x Knee Brace Compression SleeveWith Silicone Spring Knee Protection Sleeve, head on to every challenge life throws at you. Get this advance knee protection that stays with you.
Universal Sneaker Shields Decreaser - Gear Elevation
Universal Anti-Crease Sneaker Shields $14.99 $29.99
   Keep Your Grail-worthy Sneakers for a Long Time These sneaker shields feature a versatile design that slides into the toe of your shoes. It's also trimmable to fit any of your shoes. The surface above the toe features air holes for breathability and soft grips that make sure the shield stays in the shoe. When you order the sneaker shields you get two pairs: one softer pair and one more firm pair. This lets you pick the hardness that’s most comfortable for your feet and your shoes. Apart from its anti-crease protection that are ideal for expensive pieces (but not limited to), these pair of shields are good for extending life of your favourite shoes.  HIGHLIGHTS CREASE-FREE SNEAKERS: Say goodbye to toe box creases on your favorite shoes! These Universal Sneaker Shields are not only made to keep the form and looks of a brand new sneakers, but also restore and improve your old looking kicks. COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: Perfectly fits inside most shoes. Easily pop them in and keep them in while wearing your shoes. Made with the perfect dimensions and are also adjustable so you will hardly notice that they are even there! QUALITY: Made with durable, washable, and breathable materials that will last long, extending the life and appearance of your favorite sneakers. PERFECT FOR STORAGE AND TRAVEL: This Sneaker Shields double as Shoe Trees! They are compact and act as the perfect crease guard for your shoes when storing or traveling.
Outdoor Straw Personal Water Purifier - Gear Elevation
Outdoor Straw Personal Water Purifier $39.99 $79.99
DRINK CLEAN WATER ANYWHERE Planning to disconnect for a while and camp out? Surely, only the basic and most important things should occupy your backpack. With water as one of our necessities it's not easy to just bring your own drinking water. This makes Outdoor Straw Water Purifier, your most immediate water-filter system, a must-have for your travel. It allows you to collect water from natural resources and convert it to safe drinking water. Plus, it's ideal to keep not only for outdoor activities but also for emergency purposes. HIGHLIGHTS SURVIVAL GEAR FOR OUTDOOR WATER NEEDS - If you want to obtain healthy drinking water simply and quickly, Use this survival gear. The mini and lightweight filtering system are ideal for recreation, hiking, camping. It’s also your good companion for scouting, domestic and international travel, emergency preparedness. PORTABLE & LONG LIFE-SPAN - This straw filtration at only 6.7” long and 1.1” in diameter fits any bottle, cup, or glass. It weighs just 6 ounces and fits in the palm of your hand, pocket, gym bag, backpacks, survival packs and purses. Long lifespan ensures it provides up to 1500 liters(396 gallons) of drinking water. You can take it anywhere you want conveniently. 3-STAGE FILTRATION - Our 3-Stage Filtration system including coarse filter screen, coconut shell activated carbon and hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes which can remove 99.99% of harmful substances(pollution, odor, chlorine and organic chemicals, etc.) and improve the taste. Ensuring the safest water in the worst environments. SMALLER PORE SIZE - We all know that the smaller pore size, the higher the filtering accuracy, Our pore size is 0.1 microns which can filter out 99.99999% of the tiny material. Compared to the 0.2-micron filter straw on the market, Membrane Solutions 0.1microns pore size filter straw maintains the optimum flow rate while maintaining the filtration accuracy.

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