Fast Hockey Sling Puck Table Game - Gear Elevation
Fast Hockey Sling Puck Table Game from $54.99 $109.99
Gather everyone and get ready to play this game! It's going to be the main event this holiday celebration for sure. This new and exciting puck slinging tabletop game is for the whole family. With easy rules to play, you can group in to two and choose a representative for each party to compete. The first one to finish slinging all ice hockey to the opponent wins. You can have as many match as you want and different matching opponents as well.  For experienced players, an advance game play recommendation we have is the Punisher variant. Each time you lunch an ice hockey without going through the other side, you must pick up an opponent's ice hockey and recite a punishment affirmation such as " I accept my punishment". Surely, this simple game can be a lot more fun with every family or group of friends variation. Creative idea is all yours to develop! More details Fast paced action game for children to develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills and helps in focusing and patience.  High Quality Handmade Wood Board Game Includes: 1 Chessboard, 10 hockey pieces
Desktop Stress Relief Toy Aluminum Alloy Hypnosis Rotary Gyro - Gear Elevation
Mini Desktop Rotary Gyro Toy $14.99 $29.99
Great way to let yourself relaxed & stay focused. This precision-machined table toy creates a fascinating illusion when rotated.  Great for creators, producers, thinkers and anyone who wants to unleash their inner creativity and imagination. It helps you stay focused, relieve the stress or relax during work hours or brainstorming. Simply rotate it to show the amazing effect of a constantly flowing spiral. It has this dynamic art that invites you to transform from a precisely designed static shape to a hypnotic optical illusion. When rotated, it produces an almost magical effect. It can be rotated on any table or plane with anti-skid bottom. It features a sturdy body and smooth and spins quietly, so you don't bother anyone. Add this to your desk home/office for thoughts regrouping, calming down an anxiety as you distract yourself or simply clear your mind. This gyro ball is available with 50% Discount, only as first batch supply lasts.Grab yours now or get it to send someone as a gift!
Drawing Robots Technology for Kids - Gear Elevation
Fun & Interactive Educational Drawing Robot $199.99 $399.99
Quincy the Robot Artist is a mechanical wizard that teaches children how to draw, spell and count in a quick, easy and fun way! This Robot Artist Quincy device covers a wide range of educational subjects and it interacts with you in a casual conversational manner. With Quincy Artist at hand, children will quickly learn how to draw and spell common objects. You can even ask Robot Artist Quincy math-related questions. Quincy will help sharpen a child’s artistic, grammatical and mathematical skills. It’s the perfect source of educational inspiration! HIGHLIGHTS 🤖 DRAWING & LEARNING ROBOT: Quincy drawing robot is a cool robot that helps kids to learn English letters, Numbers, Counting, Spelling Words, and Drawing, all while having fun. 🤖 EASY OPERATION: Place the card in the position of Quincy's “eyes”, and Quincy will recognize the contents of the card; The voice interaction method allows the child to follow the steps of Quincy to complete the learning, and press the button of Quincy's head to learn the next step. 🤖 IDEAL GIFTS FOR KIDS: Quincy provides total 64 cards, includes: 24 drawing cards, 26 letter cards, 10 number cards, 4 math challenge cards, and 4 different levels' activity books, which is very suitable for boys and girls aged 3-8 years. Great ideal gift for Birthday \ Christmas \ Children's Day. 🤖 PARENTS' HELPER: With the company of Quincy robot artists, children can spend less time on pad or mobile phone or TV, they can draw and learn with fun, and share their works with their friends or parents with confident, a good helper for their busy parents, and a good partner for children too. 🤖 SAFE & 100% WARRANTY:  All parts are durable and made of high quality material, product has approved CE, FCC, ROHS, ASTM F963, and CPSIA Certifications.
CoolCarGears™- Anti-Gravity RC Car Toy - Gear Elevation
CoolCarGears™- Anti-Gravity RC Car Toy $59.99 $119.99
NURTURE FUN TIME WITH YOUR KIDS  Perfect for Stay-at-Home Period! Now that you got more time to spend at home you can set time for your little ones and have fun with this cool car. With AntiGravity your kids will go crazy on how awesome this could be. Running up against wall or ceilings, it works with magic!  When its not study time, This Cool RC Car will definitely get them relaxed and even stir their competitive spirits as they play with their siblings or with you. CoolCarGears™- Anti Gravity RC Car Toy  features sticking to wall function, 360 Degrees Stunt Rotation and Auto-Switch Signal Lights. The car has a white protection strip and air suction set that can form a vacuum space at the bottom of the car. Its strong absorption force makes the car run fast on walls or glasses. This remote control car has two racing modes: Floor & Wall and drives on any smooth surfaces: walls, ceilings, windows, mirrors, closets, etc. HIGHLIGHTS Double-mode remote control car: The remote control car can enter the wall and floor through the real switch and enter two modes. The vacuum system allows it to climb and run stable on any flat surface in wall mode: walls, ceilings, windows, etc. 360° Stunt Rotation: Use the infrared remote control to control the speed and direction. It can move left, right, forward and backward and spin clockwise/counterclockwise while moving forward or backward. Cool headlights and taillights: Equipped with intelligent LED light auto switch. When moving forward, the two headlights will illuminate; when pulled back, the taillights will light up; when turning left, the left headlights and taillights will illuminate. Rechargeable car toy: It will have a USB charging cable for the car, so you can charge the car with plugs, computers, mobile power and other tools. Controller requires 6 x 1.5V AA battery. (battery not included except for remote) High Durability: This remote control car is made of durable ABS material to ensure strong impact resistance and a strong shock-proof body.

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