Ultimate Protective Blue Blocking Screen Glasses - Gear Elevation
Ultimate Protective Blue Blocking Screen Glasses $19.99
Enjoy Your Screen Time Without The Harmful Effects!  Chronically staring at a computer or television screen can cause some major eye issues over a period of time!  While it can't be avoided in the digital age that we live in, many times, staring for too long will cause eye strain, which is further associated with blurry vision, trouble focusing, dry eyes, headaches, and decreased focus and energy.  The common symptoms of excess screen time, which include, but are not limited to...  ❌Eyestrain, dry eyes, red eyes, eye fatigue ❌Headaches, neck pain  ❌Double vision/dizziness, difficultly refocusing the eyes ❌Reduction of melatonin production (chronically reduces the ability to sleep, and the quality of sleep) To combat these issues, enter our specially designed Blue-Blocking  Professional Gaming Grade Glasses. They are designed to lighten the load on your eyes and prevent any serious damage. They do this by blocking out the harmful blue light that our screens emit! ✅Increased Focus ✅Increases Contrast (Helps Enemies Be Spotted Quicker For Gamers) ✅Functional and Stylish For Everyday Use 
Newly Designed 2020 Minimalist Blue-Light Blocking Reading Glasses - Gear Elevation
Newly Designed 2020 Minimalist Blue-Light Blocking Reading Glasses $29.99 $59.99
Minimalist, lightweight, stylish & hard, when several elements come together, it becomes a reading glasses we will introduce today. We have designed armless reading glasses in the first half of the year, and the sales are very good. However, reading glasses with arms does not mean that they are out of date. Armed glasses are more stable than armless glasses and are relatively comfortable. Although our armless glasses have been done very well Mixed and universal reading glasses. A lightweight frame on the nose. A case that fits anywhere, a high-quality design, ultra-practical on a daily basis. A very simple solution that changes everything.  Nylon frame, only 17 grams. The only place you'll forget your glasses is on your own nose!  - The ultra-lightweight frame (12 grams)  - Ultra-flat protective case (13mm) Although the armless glasses of the previous generation are stable enough, they still cannot be compared with the new arm reading glasses. A pair of glasses designed for your daily life. Ultra-thin and practical, solid and stylish, our reading glasses with arms can be taken everywhere. Discover a new high-end comfort for your eyes. *The difference between zoom reading glasses and traditional reading glasses: Our glasses surface coating and protection products create easy-to-clean and anti-fingerprint resistant properties    Product Detail Polycarbonate frame: 17 grams only Hypoallergenic elastomer Made in France Certified optical quality (CE standard + certified medical device) Frame size : 145 x 50 x 21 mm Ultraviolet rays cut: UV400 

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