Orthopedic Back Stretcher Equipment - Gear Elevation
Orthopedic Back Stretcher Equipment $54.99 $109.99
Ease back pain and relieve disc-related issues. With our Orthopedic Back Stretcher by Gear Elevation, you get an effective, non-invasive and low-cost solution. It's anatomically shaped platform conforms to your spine and realign your vertebrae – which helps improve your posture and relieve compression in your nerves and discs. Designed for all ages, it makes back stretching more manageable and safe, specially for those who experience chronic back pains. This back stretcher equipment is safe for all ages over 10, and it can be used as a preventive care device for your spine. HIGHLIGHTS Recommended 5 minutes twice a day of using this back stretcher is able to help relieve tension. Its effective in treating pain from muscle spasms pinched nerves herniated discs sciatica degeneration tight knots excessive flexion. Simple to use portable for easy travel. Helps relieve back pain & posture correction preventive care for your lower back and posture The back stretcher and lumbar support is uniquely designed to help correct and improve posture. Convenient and Portable: this travel-friendly is ideal for home treatment and can also be bought at the gym or anywhere you are comfortable to do back exercises. Ergonomic design includes a multi-level arch with 3 adjustable settings so that all ages and fitness levels can benefit and improve flexibility.  As you get more advanced and flexible you can adjust the curve on the arch to a more advanced setting and immediately you'll be walking taller and with more confidence as your posture improves.
PowerLift™ Breathable Joint Support Knee Bandage - Gear Elevation
PowerLift™ Hinged Joint Support Knee Bandage from $44.99 $89.99
Wear the Stability You Need for Your Knees Undergoing treatment due to Knee Injury? Get yourself a help from this cost-effective knee brace, so you can speed up your full recovery by preventing it from getting damaged again. PowerLift™ Hinged Joint Support Knee Bandage aids by applying light pressure to the tendons under the kneecap to improve overall knee stability. This type of knee brace is often used post-surgery. Specially, the patients who need a higher protection and support. The Powerful Rebound Spring Force it features supports the thighs and calves, and effectively reduces the pressure on your knees while on the move. This knee pad can withstand up to 20 kg. And with this, it is ideal to wear during days The back hinges are designed with the contours of knees studied, thereby producing the maximum stability and support needed when you dive to hard-core activities. It provides you as well two wrap around straps for good grip on while keeping it open on your knee cap. People who have experienced supporting their knees with PowerLift™ loved the aid they got from using it. It is ideal for knee rehabilitation, prevention from achy knees and avoiding overtraining. Material: Neoprene, Silicone, Velcro Size: Free Size Dimensions: Upper Strap 54 cm, Lower Strap 44 cm, Product Height 31 cm Weight: 650g Package Inclusion: 1 x pair of PowerLift™ (spring loaded), 6 x Extra spring, 1 x Carrying case, 1 x User Manual Feel like you never had knee injury. Get this Knee Support now.
High Ponytail Trucker Baseball Cap - Gear Elevation
High Ponytail Trucker Baseball Cap $29.99 $59.99
Complete a timeless look with this stylish Women's High Ponytail Baseball Cap. Keeping everyday fashion simple and clean, High Ponytail Baseball Cap is your go-to item for a downtime weekend. Hitting a comfortable casual outfit with this trucker cap works well to that dressed-down approach in jeans, trainers and a shirt. Its available in basic and pastel colors that gives off a classic modern look. In addition, it is made of 100% cotton and polyester mesh that gives a seethrough look at the back of the cap. Tie your hair up comfortably and spice it up with High Ponytail Trucker Baseball Cap.

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