GearMount™ Magentic Mini Strip Car Phone Holder - Gear Elevation
GearMount™ Magentic Mini Strip Car Phone Holder $19.99 $39.99
  This Magnetic Mount is definitely for you, if you want a holder that's easy to attach and easy to remove. Unlike the ones with arm holder that requires effort due to its superb tension, this mount takes just one low profile 'click'. Instantly, its assures you it's safely attached or removed.  Imagine it as simple as attaching fridge magnets. Additionally, this phone mount allows you to adjust the placement of your phone, (vertically or horizontally) depending on your needs. With its relatively small size, you can stick it to any nooks and crannies on your dashboard. So, this won't cover any of your air vents or needed dashboard areas.  For stability, GearMount™ Magnetic Mini Strip features powerful attributes that makes it perform its holding purpose well.  HIGHLIGHTS ✔ EXTRA POWERFUL 6 MAGNETS - To give you the amount of holding force, this magnetic suction stent has six (6) integrated N50 Powerful Magnets that securely carries all smartphones and mini tablets. It is covered with anti-skid silicone on a electroplated aluminum alloy platform. With this, the mount can ensure steady–not shaky–attachment. ✔ MULTI-FUNCTIONS MAGNETIC MOUNT - This Magnetic GearMount™ does one thing, but can be used for many purposes. Utilize it to safely hold your phone or keys or anything metal in any areas of your car, kitchen, office, bedroom or study room. ✔ SUPER EASY TO INSTALL - No Tools required. Just stick it to any flat areas and you’re good to go. It has 3M Adhesive to stick on any flat surface.
Multi-function Spy Camera Detector - Gear Elevation
Multi-function Spy Camera Detector $139.99 $279.99
Safe from Prying Eyes and Spies GSM, Bluetooth, WiFi, and DECT Bugs are common these days. The ability to place these miniscule devices into everyday objects is an immense threat to everyday security and the privacy of an individual. These enable people to listen in on every single sound you make whether you're talking business or personally. These threats are not the work of science fiction they are threats that far more people are susceptible than one would think. With this, Multi-function Spy Camera Detector helps neutralize any possible bug threat. It ensures the safety of your work or any type of environment. HIGHLIGHTS PERFECT ANTI SPY DETECTOR: Professional detection device from WISECONN. The smart chip is more powerful and the sensitivity is stronger. It can efficiently detect RF wireless signal, magnetic field signal, hidden wired or wireless camera devices. Any suspicious device in the wide detection range of 1MHZ~800MHZ can be easily detected, especially all kinds of bugs, car trackers, listening devices bugs, hidden microphone, hidden cameras A MUST- HAVE FOR PRIVACY PROTECTION: With stronger sensitivity and wide range of detection frequency, it's great for anti sneak shot, anti tracking, anti eavesdropping. A wonderful defender of 1.2G/2.4G/5.8G wireless hidden camera, wireless eavesdropping devices, audio bug, GSM Listening bug, locators with Mobile 2G/3G/4G Card, Magnetic positioner, GPS tracker, etc. Take it with you in the hotel, a trip, anywhere you don’t trust surroundings, it's the best for protecting your privacy MULTIPLE USAGE: With 3 Detection Modes, RF wireless signal detection, laser scanning and magnetic field signal detection. When you are in a room which you don't trust, power on the bug detector. The detector signal bars flashes when there's RF signal transmitter. The closer the suspicious device, more signal bars are light on. Use the laser lamp to find hidden camera lenses. Very simple to use. Multiple to use in business meeting room, hotel, home, bathroom, dressing room, car, etc SIMPLE TO USE & EASY TO UNDERSTAND INSTRUCTION MANUAL: Re-designed instruction manual. A very helpful and simple to use hidden camera finder & GPS detector. Compact and light-weight is easy for you to carry everywhere. One charge is for 8-10 hours continuously working. With feature of intelligent analysis, multi-exploration, long working time, and more durable material, this hidden spy camera detector is very easy and reliable to use
GearSelfiePro™ - Object Tracking Selfie Stick Holder - Gear Elevation
GearSelfiePro™ - Object Tracking Selfie Stick Holder $99.99 $199.99
Capture Moments Freely - Even Just by Yourself Smartphone; Object Tracking Selfie Holder: Combine these two and you'll get Your Own Private Photographer. Are you one of those active content creators on the internet? Who loves taking their own videos expressing your opinions, showing your talents or just simply taking a video call with your family?... Except that you're having trouble most of the time with just two hands while you do things and show it on the video. That's where GearSelfiePro™ Object Tracking Selfie Stick Holder comes in. It will help you to have: Less time setting up,  Less worry about your phone that might just fall from improvised platform,  More focus on what you do and safely record everything. Here's more of its product features that you will definitely benefit from: HIGHLIGHTS Camera Mode: This face tracking holder introduces the AI technology of human image composition and scale estimation into Intelligent Shooting. With 360 Degrees Rotation, it can automatically identify you or your pets and track your positions. Its not only freeing up your hands but also let you do the things more freely without limiting your movements.  To take pictures automatically, set its timer with fixed 3 seconds time. This Selfie Stick/Holder is simply perfect for recording Lectures, Sporting Events, Presentations, Adventure Shots, Vlogging and more.  Live Mode: Selfie stick holder is also ideal for live broadcast. To set up: Select "LIVE" mode on the homepage of Apai Genie Application. When Bluetooth displays blue, it has successfully connected to live mode, then automatically recognize face tracking for live broadcast. Apai Genie App supports any live streaming platforms.  HOW TO USE Install Battery.  Set up your smartphone on the bracket holder. Downloading Apai Genie Application in App stores or Google Play.  Press the Power button on for 3 seconds until you see a flashing red light. Connect Bluetooth and Apai Genie by opening both applications to connect automatically. You can start to choose a camera mode or live mode. Product Specifications: Product Name : 360° Object Tracking Holder App Support: Apai Genie Net Weight: 185gSize: 93 x 93 x 165.4mm (L x W x H) Phone Bracket Holder: 56-100mm Power Supply: 3 x 1.5v No. 5 Alkaline Dry Battery  Duration Time: 50Hours   Product Features: 360 ° rotation Object tracking Face tracking Smart shooting AI composition Horizontal and vertical switching Vlog shooting assistant artifact Operational recommendations Support for tripod mounting

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