Universal Sneaker Shields Decreaser - Gear Elevation
Universal Anti-Crease Sneaker Shields $14.99 $29.99
   Keep Your Grail-worthy Sneakers for a Long Time These sneaker shields feature a versatile design that slides into the toe of your shoes. It's also trimmable to fit any of your shoes. The surface above the toe features air holes for breathability and soft grips that make sure the shield stays in the shoe. When you order the sneaker shields you get two pairs: one softer pair and one more firm pair. This lets you pick the hardness that’s most comfortable for your feet and your shoes. Apart from its anti-crease protection that are ideal for expensive pieces (but not limited to), these pair of shields are good for extending life of your favourite shoes.  HIGHLIGHTS CREASE-FREE SNEAKERS: Say goodbye to toe box creases on your favorite shoes! These Universal Sneaker Shields are not only made to keep the form and looks of a brand new sneakers, but also restore and improve your old looking kicks. COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: Perfectly fits inside most shoes. Easily pop them in and keep them in while wearing your shoes. Made with the perfect dimensions and are also adjustable so you will hardly notice that they are even there! QUALITY: Made with durable, washable, and breathable materials that will last long, extending the life and appearance of your favorite sneakers. PERFECT FOR STORAGE AND TRAVEL: This Sneaker Shields double as Shoe Trees! They are compact and act as the perfect crease guard for your shoes when storing or traveling.
Multi-functional Beard Straightener Brush - Gear Elevation
Multi-functional Beard Straightener Brush $39.99 $79.99
The Ionic Multifunctional Beard Straightener Grow your beard sleek and well-kept and achieve the kind of polished look you want.✨ At last, a guaranteed effective beard grooming that provides you an easy to use electric device that is especially designed for beards to keep it from being unruly. HIGHLIGHTS SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE: The Straightener gives you a very quick heating process for about 15 seconds, and includes an easy removable out layer comb, to prevent skin scalding and burns against the ceramic heating plate. (Optimum temperature at 120°C) PORTABLE & CONVENIENT: Lightweight & compact great for home and travel, made from long lasting and durable raw materials, created to last forever. At the bottom part, it provides you a space-saving hook that ou can use to easily clean up after achieving the suave man look.   MULTI-FUNCTION BEARD STRAIGHTENING COMB: Now you can volumize, curl, or straighten all types of beards, any time any where with this portable ionic beard straightener. You can also use this as a hot comb to style up your hair! MAKES A GREAT GIFT: The beard styling brush make the perfect present for your favorite bearded man, presented in premium gift ready package.

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