EZ-Garden™ - Raised Planting Bed - Gear Elevation
EZ-Garden™ - Raised Planting Bed from $19.99 $39.99
Introducing An Easier Way To Grow Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs & Fruits. ✅ Ideal soil environment for organic and no-till garden systems  ✅ Saves Water & Fertilizers ✅ Requires No Tools & Can Be Put Up In A Matter of Minutes The EZ-Garden™ Fabric Raised Bed is made from renowned durable geotextile, in a raised planter bed form that will last for years of continuous gardening.  ✅ AIR PRUNES THE ROOTS: Air pruning allows plants to use all the space inside the container for root growth resulting in bigger plants. Root growth occurs through branching, which creates more root tips and more opportunity for the plant to feed. ✅STIMULATES BENEFICIAL BACTERIA: Our porous, non-woven fabric provides essential oxygen allowing plant roots and beneficial bacteria to breathe. Healthier roots equals healthier plants. ✅ RESPONDS TO CLIMATE CONDITIONS: During hot weather the EasyGarden™ Fabric Raised Bed allows excess heat to be released protecting roots. In cold weather, the fabric warms quickly in the sun. Aerated fabric container - promotes healthy roots through air pruning, leading to better fruit and higher yields. Multiple configurations and options, easy to assemble. Durable, washable, reusable. Strong marine-grade stitching built to withstand constant moisture and UV exposure.
Scalp Intense™ - Hair Growth Serum - Gear Elevation
Scalp Intense™ - Hair Growth Serum $19.99 $49.99
Introducing The Scalp Intense™  Hair Growth Serum is a solution to amp up thickness, fullness and overall density of thinning hair by 27%* in just 3 weeks! The herbal complex works in synergy to stimulate the scalp and roots, as well as awaking blocked follicles to reactivate hair growth to deliver a visible result of increasing the cross-sectional area of each hair strand and diameter The triple-roller structure allows quicker and fuller serum absorption along with a gentle massaging of the prone area to intensify the metabolism and health of the scalp. Apply twice a day and consistently for denser, thicker & healthier hair. FEATURES Obvious & Stable Hair Recovery - Increase and thicken in cross-sectional area of each hair strand 14% in just 3 weeks, quick and visible result Stimulate Root of Hair - Herbal complex works in synergy to stimulate the scalp and roots, as well as awaking blocked follicles to reactivate hair growth to deliver a visible 100% Safe, Non-Toxic Chemical - Medically verified & FDA approved, perfect for both men & women Powerful 3 Roll On BallsHelp scalp absorbing sustenance efficiently when keep rolling and evening serum Effective Improve Scalp and Hair Health - Improve thickness, balance of moisture and overall density of thinning hair  Rare Herbal Extract - Made of rare and expensive materials of different herbal complex Moist Serum - Keep moisture skin and scalp for prevent scalp peel off Reusable Durable Roll On Bottle - When the serum is exhausted, you can fill self-made serum or lotion after washing it for keep massaging skin SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: 20ml  Ingredients: Platycladus, Licorice and Mulberry root, Wolfberry, Ginseng, Chrysanthemum, Calamus, Mint, Cockeblur PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Scalp Intense™ Roll-on Hair Growth Serum (1 month supply)
Pest Reject™ - Ultrasonic Pest Repellent (Buy 1 Get 1 Free!) - Gear Elevation
Pest Reject™ - Ultrasonic Pest Repellent (Buy 1 Get 1 Free!) $29.99 $59.99
The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Pests From Your Home.  "I'm giving this product 5 stars because 1.) installation couldn't be easier, you just plug it into the wall. And 2.) it's already starting to work 2 days after! I saw a few spiders/insects come out of hiding within 2 days of plugging it in. It says full results within 2-3 weeks so if it's working like this now, I can't wait to see it at full capacity!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"  - Brianna S., TX FEATURES: Fast And Effective Against Mice, Rats, Ants, Roaches, Flies, Mosquitoes And Spiders Safe To Use With Cats And Dogs Non-Toxic Environment-Friendly No Chemicals Odorless 22-65KHz Of Repelling Ultrasonic Frequency 80-120 sqm Of Protection Easy To Install No Maintenance No Mess SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 3.34 x 2.24 x 1.06 inch Weight: 2.5oz  We will send you 2x Ultrasonic Pest Repellents for the price of one!
GearBass™ - High-End Wireless Speaker - Gear Elevation
GearBass™ - High-End Wireless Speaker $59.99 $199.99
A Jaw-Dropping Audio Experience, Now At A Jaw-Dropping Price. More than a connected speaker, Emits sound using. Invented and made in France, changes the world of sound.  😍Connect in your kitchen, bedroom and living room-filling your home with sound😍 You always bring the best playlist. Now make sure you bring the best sound. It’s a Bluetooth® speaker, a PA system, and just what you need to turn up the fun at parties, outdoor get-togethers, and all those times that deserve better sound. Stream wirelessly from a mobile device, plug in a microphone, or even your favorite musical instrument. THIS IS HOT WIRELESS SPEAKER IN 2020 🔹Amplification: (360-Degree Stereo Surrounds Sound Effect) At the core of its many innovations is ADH Intelligence(Analogue Digital Hybrid) - a revolutionary technology that merges the clarity of analog (Class A) amplification with the power and efficiency of digital (Class D). The innovation doesn't stop there. Packed with 100 + patented technologies, including (super of pure power), this delivers a sound experience that is more like a front-row seat than a wireless speaker.    🔹Design: It changes the game with Exhilarating Audiophile Performance, Simple Functionality, and Award-winning Design. In fact, the iconic spherical design is the result of extreme acoustic engineering designed to deliver omnidirectional sound via four drivers - two woofers, a midrange, and a tweeter. This means you can place this anywhere and always enjoy the pure emotion of music. 🌠WONDERFUL WIRELESS SPEAKER IN THE WORLD: The most accurate and powerful speaker from it creates a live concert experience. It features our Exclusive Analog Digital Hybrid Technology. With power, clarity, and precision unlike anything, you’ve heard before. 🌠HIGH PERFORMANCE: 4500 peak watts is enabled by 108 patents produces, a titanium tweeter offers an unparalleled frequency range of 14Hz to 27kHz and 108 DB 🌠MULTIFUNCTIONAL CONNECTION: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, TV, Web Radio 🌠MULTI-ROOM: Connect in your kitchen, bedroom, and living room-filling your home with sound, using our Dialog (Smart-Hub) and app to control each room 🌠MULTIPOINT PAIRING & AD2P SUPPORT -- Multipoint pairing for use with two devices at the same time. A2DP support for streaming audio from Bluetooth devices.  Sound Pressure Level:108 dB SPL at 1 meter Acoustical Performance:Bandwidth : 14Hz to 27kHz (@-6dB) Accuracy in frequency response : ± 2dB from 20Hz to 20kHz Amplification Performances:THD+N* : 0.0005% | Saturation : 0 | Background Noise 0 dB SPL at 50 cm (-15,5 dB SPL at 3m) Digital To Analog Converter: DAC embedded in ADH2 intelligence 24bits/192kHz THD: -112dB Power Supply:IEC 90-240 V~50/60Hz Loudspeakers:Grade 1 Titanium Tweeter driver Aluminum Medium driver Aluminum Bass drivers:Package dimensions:15.2 * 9.8 * 9.5cm CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY:  100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If your items arrive damaged or become defective within 30 calendar days of normal usage, we will gladly issue out a replacement or refund. OUR WAREHOUSE. READY TO SEND YOUR ORDER!  
Magnetic Window Cleaner - Gear Elevation
Magnetic Window Cleaner $24.99 $49.99
Cleaning windows will be much easier, and more comfortable with the new Magnetic Glass Cleaner. A practical and novel glass cleaner designed specifically to clean windows easily.  It has two powerful magnets that allow its two cleaning devices to remain attached through the glass, so that the glas can be cleaned from the inside, while the twin device cleans the outside, in complete comfort and without the risk of falling.  In addition, it's integrated rope acts as an additional safety element in case of fall.  Thanks to it's double cleaning system, it compeltely eliminates dirt from the glas: the sponge part lathers and washes, and the rubber edge drips and dries.  Safety rope (approx. 160 cm)  Comfortable and simple use Approx. measurements: 11.5 x 5.5 x 11 cm Suitable for glass with a maximum thickness of 0.5 cm Manual included in package
Electric Vacuum Adsorption Foot Grinder - Gear Elevation
Electric Vacuum Adsorption Foot Grinder $39.99 $79.99
Perfect Electronic Foot File, Dual-Speed Callus Remover SALON RESULTS: Why are you risk hurting yourself with that old heel scraper for feet or callus remover chemicals when you can easily get professional results in your home with our electric foot callus remover. POWERFUL FOOT CALLUS REMOVER: Effortless remove dead skin and hard calluses with 2000 RPMs of power - nano-abrasion heads rotate at high speed creating the perfect dead skin remover for feet. INSTANT RESULTS: Watch in amazement as our electric callus remover for feet blasts through dead skin and hard-to-remove calluses, revealing smooth skin - and with a built-in vacuum, there’s no mess! With you'll no longer have to suffer dry cracked heels in-between visits. Now you can have pedicure-worthy feet Whenever you want. USB RECHARGEABLE BATTERY:  You save money over time because there are no batteries to replace. Take it in the car for sandal-ready feet at the beach or to the office to touch up cracked heels in between meetings. Portable Foot Electric Vacuum Adsorption Foot Grinder: You can take the small Portable Foot Electric Vacuum Adsorption Foot Grinder, A special gift for your family and friends. MATERIALS: ABS + Electronic Components + Aviation quartz sand COLORS: White PACKAGE SIZE: 16 × 13 × 6.5cm PACKAGE CONTENTS: USB Charging Cable × 1 Host × 1 Coarse Sandstone × 1 Fine Sandstone Brush × 1
RazorSharpPro™ - Multifunction Electric Knife Sharpener - Gear Elevation
RazorSharpPro™ - Multifunction Electric Knife Sharpener $24.99 $49.99
SHARPEN KNIVES LIKE A PRO Bring back the fun in your kitchen as you cook for everyone in the family, friends or visitors to celebrate and gather an event.  Sharpened knives will give you the precision you need when using it for peeling chopping etc. And with RazorSharpPro™ - Multifunction Electric Knife Sharpener, you can hone up edges of your knife in just a few minutes. HIGHLIGHTS Small Electric Sharpener: Easy-to-store pocket electric knife sharpener. It comes very handy with a removable socket for easy clean-up. Automatic Knife Sharpener:Run by batteries, you can safely sharpen with this professional grade cordless tool. Just place the knife and its high-speed rotating whet stone will do the work of sharpening your best knife. Suitable for chef knives, stainless steel knife, bread knives, paring knives, filet knives, cheese knives, cleavers, but not for porcelain knives and grinding ceramic knives. Percision Power Sharpening:Quick, simple and safe - Sharpens blunt knife in a matter of seconds. How to use: You must place the knife at 45 degrees, move it slowly, and stop for 1-3 seconds to achieve a sharp effect. Please refer to the instruction manual, improper use may result in failure to use. Note:This product requires 4 AA batteries (the battery is not included)   Grab this Razor Sharp Pro Tool to make cooking at your kitchen the Best Experience again.
Silicone Egg Poaching Pods - Gear Elevation
Silicone Egg Poaching Pods $14.99 $29.99
🍳 Make The Perfect Poached Egg, Every SIngle Time! Versatile for cakes, desserts and jelly molds. It can also be used to melt chocolate, heat Pasta power, and steam vegetables. Premium Quality Silicone with Long Lasting Surface Processing Technology FDA approved, BPA free, food grade silicone. Eco-friendly and non-toxic.Temperature tolerance: -40℉ to 405℉ (0-230℃). Make Perfect Poached Eggs with Simplicity,Using spray oil before poaching in order to get a better non-stick experience. During cooking, the poacher stands on the pan and in the boiling water, protects the egg from the tumbling action of water while conducting the heat to poach the egg. The egg is evenly cooked. An easy-to-pick hole is on every side of the product. It is easy to remove the egg from the soft silicone. To clean up, simply flip it over and wash it or just toss it into the dishwasher. The ring stander design makes it steady on any kitchen surface and it is also suitable for microwave use. The poachers are stackable and easy to store. These poachers save a lot trouble from egg poacher pans. The Silicone Egg Poachers is Multi-functional in Kitchen, It can be used as cake, dessert, and jelly mold. It can also be used to melt chocolate, heat pasta source, and steam vegetables. And by extending cooking time, you can have hard boiled egg without shell from our poacher. Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe. Description:Made from high quality silicone and long lasting surface treatment technology, food grade silicone. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Temperature error: - 40 °F to 405 °F (0 – 230 °C).Versatile for cakes, desserts and jelly molds. It can also be used to melt chocolate, heat Pasta power, and steam vegetables.Specifications:Material: SiliconeSize: 9*6.5CM Package Included:2*Boiled egg bowl
Electric Knife Sharpener - Gear Elevation
Electric Knife Sharpener from $18.99 $36.99
Bring back dull blades to life! The all-new Electric Knife Sharpener! It can easily sharpen any razor's edge on any blade in no time—a great solution to your knife issues. BENEFITS: Multi-Functional. It can sharpen straight knives, fruit knives, kitchen knives, chef knives, carving knives, bread knives, steak knives, paring knives, filet knives, cheese knives, choppers, cleavers, scissors, precision tools and more.Very Effective. Can give a knife a razor-sharp edge in a few seconds.Safe and easy to use. This product is easy and safe to use. It also works for all types of blades, including hard steel blades.Comfortable. They are designed to give comfort to the user. The non-slip cushion at the bottom gives a more firm base while its handle offers an easy grip. SPECIFICATIONS: Material: ABS Size: approx. 14 x 8.5cm Color: green, as picture shows Working power: 4 x 3.7V 14500 batteries (NOT included) Built-in guide holds the blade at the perfect angle Professional grade high speed rotating sharpening stone sharpens and hones the blades edge Incredible cordless motorized sharpener - Precision power sharpening Sharpener includes catch tray for metal shavings Compact design for easy storage Professional grade, high-speed rotating sapphire stone shapes and hones the blade   PACKAGE INCLUSION: 1 x electric sharpener (4 x 3.7V 14500 Batteries Not included)
Green Thumbs - Gear Elevation
Green Thumbs - Gardening Thumb Knife $19.99 $39.99
Does it hurt when you pick fruits and vegetables? The tough days are gone with Gardening Thumb Knife. Our easy pick - Green Thumbs is designed with a built-in knife that is perfect for instant cutting, picking, pruning of vegetables, fruits, twigs, branches of a plant, and more! BENEFITS - Easily pick these fruits and vegetables: beans, peppers, cabbage, berries, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, cannabis - Defoliate with ease - Protects your fingernails from infection - Improves efficiency and reduces fatigue from continuous pinching - Helps you in the kitchen as a peeler - Faster than using scissors because this is easier to reach unreachable places. - Your hands will no longer pain RESULTS If you are an avid gardener or if gardening is just an hobby, you will quickly realize that certain tedious tasks are very strenuous on your fingers. Exposing your fingernails to the elements every day can cause nail fungus or onychomycosis, which if left untreated can cause severe damage to your other parts of the body. Use our Thumb Knife to reduce such infection while improving efficiency by 100%. The finger cots provide the needed protection from scrapes and cuts. Used together, you now have a tool that makes gardening fun and easy. HOW DOES IT WORK? The middle and bottom portion of Thumb Knife is made of flexible silicone so it fits most fingers. The index sleeve or anti-cut finger cots are flexible as well. Just wear one on each finger on both hands and pinch away. The blade is made of stainless steel and has enough sharpness to give you the needed help. If used daily provides proper protection from organisms in the soil and reduces pain from constant pinching WHO IS IT FOR? If you are an avid gardener or if gardening is just an hobby, this is perfect for you. It's designed to give you various uses in garden, kitchen, and in day-to-day activities It's a perfect solution for anyone looking for improving their efficiency while gardening
Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager - Gear Elevation
Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager $499.99 $999.99
What could be a better partner after a long tiring day? That would be none other than... a Deep Foot Massager! Yes, nothing else but Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager. This specific foot massager will be the home of your foot. It's going to be where you can rest them when they feel tired and especially tension muscles after overworking in a day or when you get special cases of foot pain. It can also do the same in your calf for a full recovery.  It's equipped with variety of modes to soothe your muscle and tissues into your own liking.  It also includes: - Auto Mode - 4 different massaging phases of Kneading, Rolling & Massaging to help relieve tension muscles.  - Custom Mode – 3 different modes to target your tiptoe, arch or sole, provide an effective healthy massage for dual-foot & sole region - Manual Mode - customize the massage speed & direction as you need - Detachable & Washable Foot Covers - zipper design for easy removing & cleaning It also offers you Shiatsu massaging where massaging is focused on your acupuncture points based on the effective Japanese medical treatment HIGHLIGHTS SCREEN & REMOTE FUNCTIONALITY: Remote conveniently controls power, speed, and massage directions, and adjusts mode settings between automatic, custom, and manual; all viewable on the LCD screen GREAT FOR THE BODY: No pain area goes untreated, as the massager specifically targets all areas of your feet to help with different parts of the body through a variety of techniques including pulsing, kneading, and rolling AUTO MODE: Settle your feet and enjoy a deep, therapeutic massage by pressing the 'Auto' button for 3 different modes that target the toe, arch, and sole of your feet PORTABLE & EASY TO CLEAN: Space-saving structure allows for effortless storage, and a built-in handle lets you easily take it on the go; also designed for easy cleaning with a removable and washable foot covers; Overall Dimensions: 22"(L) x 12"(W) x 10"(H)  Specifications: - Electric Wire Length: 4.9 ft (1.5 m) - Color: Red - Material: ABS - Voltage: 220V - Power Consumption: 40W - Net Weight: 13.2 lbs (6 kg)    Aside from soothing and treating yourself with this impressive foot massager, its one of the best idea for gift giving.  Get this with 50% Off and enjoy everyday relaxing mode to help you recover from an exhausting day. No more foot pain with this Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager!
Solar-Powered Pool Ionizer - up to 85% Less Chlorine - Gear Elevation
Solar-Powered Pool Ionizer - up to 85% Less Chlorine $199.99 $399.99
SANITIZE YOUR POOL, AND ENJOY SAFER SWIMMING TIME WITH FAMILY Get a cleaner swimming experience. If you got a sensitive skin and chlorine is no good for you, Solar-Powered Pool Ionizer is definitely a practical solution for you! It uses copper ionization that lessens chlorine up to 85%, plus it kills algae before it form and take over your pool. Powered by environmental friendly solar panels, it's safe, effective and a healthy option for treating different pool types, spas, saltwater and even drinking water. You can now use fewer and smaller amount of chemicals in your pool with this pool ionizer. Below are some more if its benefits and details: POOL IONIZER BENEFITS Softer Water: Ion-sanitized water is silky soft. It's gentle on skin and hair, so no more dry, itchy skin and stiff hair. It shouldn't irritate your eyes as well as improves water chemical levels. Less Need for Chlorine: You will still need some chlorine to supplement your pool ionizer. However, it wold not be as much as you need when you sanitize your pool with chlorine alone. Nontoxic Minerals: The metal ions produced by the pool ionizer contain low levels of copper and silver which are harmless, even if someone accidentally swallows pool water. HIGHLIGHTS DEVELOPS A CLEAR POOL WITH SOLAR POWER: Finally, you can have a beautifully blue pool, without the maintenance! The magic behind this automatic pool cleaner is the ions it creates to destroy growth in your pool ALL from Solar Power! USE 80-PERCENT LESS CHLORINE AND SAVE EVERY YEAR: With less chlorine & shock, this solar pool ionizer will pay for itself. Put money back into your pocket by transforming your pool into a biologically healthy & growth-resistant water! NO HARMFUL CHLORINE, ENDS BLEACHED CLOTHES & HAIR: Invest in your family’s health & use a chlorine-free shock! Your kids will certainly thank you for the switch because they won’t have to worry about dry & red eyes or having their clothes bleached! SAVES YOU TIME, REDUCES BRUSHING & CLEANING: When you get home from work, you can finally relax IN your pool instead of cleaning the algae. It can handle pools up to 22,000gal.  Specification:  Material: Plastic & Copper  Color: White  Size(approx): 25*21cm  Battery: Built-in Rechargeable Battery  Package Includes:  1 Copper Anode 1 Metal Cleaning Brush 1 Copper Test Kit Enjoy pool time without the chemical smell, damage and irritation on your skin. Shop for this item now!
Viking Tavern Mug - Gear Elevation
Viking Tavern Mug $19.99 $39.99
Travel Back in Time and Enjoy Drinks just like Vikings do. These beautiful tavern mugs are perfect for any kind of beverage! The double-walled and insulated mug ensures that you can enjoy both hot and cold brews with ease!  This Viking Norse Mythology Coffee Mug is made of fine polyresin and stainless steel, hand painted and polished individually. The mug weighs about 350 g with a capacity of 650ml/21oz. Great for parties and even personal time. Noteworthy as a gift idea, too!  
Aesthetic Mirror Alarm Clock - Gear Elevation
Aesthetic Mirror Alarm Clock $49.99 $99.99
Loaded with Functions plus Aesthetic in one small LED Clock This beautiful alarm clock deserves to own a spot in your bedroom. Wake up and plan your day ahead with an Aesthetic Alarm Clock. With clear and large digital numbers on LED, it allows you to manage your time easily with just a glance, even across your room. This digital clock has 3 brightness modes you can adjust depending on what suits you.  It features 2 USB ports at the side making it so easy to charge any of your gadgets.  Now, that's an extra charging station you get.  Aside from these, here are a bunch of its functions compressed in this convenient & aesthetic LED Mirror Alarm Clock. HIGHLIGHTS ⏰ DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK MIRROR SURFACE LED Alarm clock with Mirror Surface combines makeup mirror, alarm clock, and time display function. The specially designed mirror surface can be cleaned with a single rub to restore the original clean appearance. You can put it upright, put it flat, or hang it on the wall. ⏰ A QUIET SLEEPING ENVIRONMENT & LUMINOUS FUNCTION Unlike a Mechanical alarm clock that keeps ticking, affecting the quality of your sleep. Our LED clock is quiet, allowing you to get rid of the noise of the night and sleep peacefully. The user-friendly designed luminous function allows you to see the time clearly at night and does not need to turn on the lights. When it is a 12-hour system, it will not display AM before 12 noon but will display PM after 1 PM. ⏰ 3-LEVEL BRIGHTNESS SETTINGS Other clocks have only one level of brightness, which will be particularly dazzling when the lights are turned off at night, long-term past will cause damage to your eyes. This LED alarm clock adopts a highly sensitive photosensitive sensor, which can automatically adjust the display brightness according to the brightness of the environment. Or you also have the option to manually set the Bright-Medium-Dim 3-level brightness, better for your eyes and more environmentally friendly. ⏰ MEMORY FUNCTION & DUAL USB PORTS When the external power supply is powered off, the hold time and various settings are unchanged. The time after the external power supply is cut off is not displayed, to avoid repeating the settings next time. Dual USB ports allow you to charge two devices at the same time. ⏰ 5-60 MINUTES' SNOOZE FOR HEAVY SLEEPERS  The big snooze button helps you easily turn off the buzzer but don’t need to open your eyes and enjoy five minutes of sleep.The clock will alarm every 5 min and the default Snooze time is 2 min until you turn off the snooze mode by pressing any other buttons. You can also set snooze time by yourself. Perfect for heavy sleepers.
Glass Cleaning Cloth Dishcloth Lint Free For Windows Cars Kitchen Mirrors Traceless Reusable Fish Scale Rag Polishing Microfiber - Gear Elevation
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth from $19.99 $19.99
No Fuss, No Hassle, Just Effortless Cleaning...  Introducing Microfiber Cleaning Cloth- the #1 recommended cleaning cloth of 2021 that's gone viral all over social media! It works like magic to perfectly clean surfaces with no streaks left behind. The secret is the revolutionary scale design, inspired by the design of fish scales. Suitable for a wide range of cleaning purposes... it's the must-have cloth for a sparkling clean home! ✨ HIGHLIGHTS UNIQUE DESIGN: The new fish scale microfiber polishing cleaning cloth is fish scale design, can easily remove dust and stains, and there is no watermark and no traces after wiping. The surface is very soft and will not scratch the surface, paint, furniture, stainless steel, or clear coating. This miracle cleaning cloth is the best companion for your family's cleaning. MULTIPLE USES MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTH: The microfiber wipe cloth is suitable for all kinds of glass products, ceramic products, mirrors, and silverware. It is soft enough without damaging items, has a high cleaning ability, and has a good polishing effect. STRONG WATER ABSORPTION AND REUSABLE NANOSCALE CLEANING CLOTH: The vocative fish scale microfiber polishing cleaning cloth is made of superfine fiber material. It has strong water absorption and water retention. And nanoscale cloth can be reused hundreds of times. SAFE AND PREFERENTIAL: Our fish scale microfiber cleaning cloth is a pollution-free dyeing process, the product will not fade, and you will get eight towels. Towels of different colors are used for cleaning different items. Safe, sanitary, and healthy life.

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