Kinoki Detox Foot Pads - Organic Herbal Cleansing Patches (50 Pairs) - Gear Elevation
Kinoki Detox Foot Pads - Deep Cleansing Patches from $29.99 $59.99
Improve Your Body & Mind with An All-Natural Japanese Solution Enter an eye-opening innovation to detox your body using all-natural Japanese roots. More people than ever are looking for safe and effective ways to ensure their health & vitality is top of mind. With our detox foot pads, you can strengthen your immune system, enhance your quality of sleep, and improve daily energy levels. THE BENEFITS 1000'S ARE ENJOYING  ⭐ Strengthened Immune System   Lift off the overbearing work-load your immune system is prone to take on. This allows your immune system to fight off more serious health concerns with vastly increased effectiveness. ⭐ Enhanced Sleep Quality   Fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep. Wake up easier without feeling glued to the bed and gloomy. We spend 26 years of our lives sleeping and 7 years trying to sleep. Good sleep is the biggest fighter against cancer cells, illnesses and viruses. ⭐ Alleviates Joint Pain & Soreness  Draw out the toxins in your tissues that cause tension and joint pain. It even draws out massive amounts of nicotine from the tissue and joints of people that stopped smoking several years ago. ⭐ Promotes Increased Energy Relieve your overworked liver, kidney and spleen of heavy metals and toxins that take toll on your energy and mental clarity. ⭐ Removes Dangerous Toxins & Heavy Metals   Clear your organs of toxins and heavy metals that contribute to illness and other serious health concerns down that develop over time. ⭐ Rejuvenates Complexion To Look Younger Shown to promote clearer skin, remove rough discolored areas, dark areas under the eyes, lightening your skin’s natural color. The aging of your skin slows and you are able to gain a more youthful appearance. ⭐ Promotes Mental Clarity & Focus  NATURAL INGREDIENTS AND THEIR BENEFITS HOW DETOX FOOT PADS WORK For hundred of years, eastern medicine has well understood how toxins affect to our body. Building up to the tips of our toes and ankles, this toxin accumulation leads to many degenerative diseases.  One example is the case of a painful rheumatism and arthritis where it is caused by acidic toxic fluids gathering around the joints. In foot reflexology, feet is considered a channel to many vital organs, with over 60 acupuncture points on the soles of our feet. The reason why cleansing is recommended to start at the soles of our feet. Stimulating the acupuncture points will result to breakdown of water and waste molecules that will free blockages in the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Foot pads containing natural ingredients of bamboo vinegar and other plants combined is the best way to do stimulation and detoxify your body. The patches will do the absorption of toxins throughout the entire night. You will notice that from the changing of the color of the foot pads that are applied. The more dirty the foot pad is, the more toxins are absorbed.  When used consistently for a period, a cleaner foot pads each morning will manifest the gradual results of your way to having a balanced health. Toxins from your body are getting eliminated. HOW TO USE Wash and dry your feet or body part before applying Detox Patch.  Take one adhesive sheet and slowly peel off paper. Place the foot pad on the adhesive where noted to "Put adhesive sheet on this side" and place onto the soles of your feet or the desired area of other body part. (Socks can be worn if necessary)  Wear for 7-10 hours then remove pad.  Wipe surface with wet towel until it's no longer sticky.  Used patches will appear dark greenish or grayish as they absorb toxins and waste matter from your body.  Continue to use each night until the discoloration of the pad subsides.  When used patches show signs of lightening, you may reduce applying it for once or twice a week for maintenance.  Note: Apply detox patch one hour before bed-time.  Disclaimer: Do not put on open wound. If you are allergic, do not use these pads. This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease.
RazorSharpPro™ - Chainsaw Blade Sharpener
RazorSharpPro™ - Chainsaw Blade Sharpener $59.99 $119.99
  Bring Back the Cutting Power of Your Chainsaw in NO TIME. Not cutting as it should be? Run it for a few seconds in RazorSharpPro™ - Chainsaw Blade Sharpener. You'll get the quick fix you need for your chainsaw cutting edge like it's all NEW!   Our Universal Chainsaw Blade Sharpener lets you get more work done by providing an effective sharpener kit with quality whetstone lodged in a grinding case. It is focused on giving you a high-grade equipment to bring the right maintenance for your chainsaw tool. HIGHLIGHTS ✔ Fast in Action - It performs a simple and fast method to transform dull chains into its best razor-sharp quality in just 3-5 seconds. ✔ Premium Design Model - Our RazorSharpPro™ Chainsaw Sharpener is made of premium engineering ABS plastic material with strength and toughness properties. Plus, a quality whetstone bearing a maximum wear resistance for long lasting performance. Built perfectly for getting the job done in sharpening secured and fast. ✔ Well-structured Product Design - Designed with two holes for fixed sharpening. One hole is fixed and the other one is adjustable and removeable. It's trouble-free when installing your chains. Suitable for most 14"/16"/18"/20" chains on the market. ✔ Great Value Item - With oustanding specifications, this product is a must have item to have in your tool shed. It's a good investment allowing proper maintenance on chainsaw blades for long lasting and razor-sharp cutting. Notes: Detachable Whetstone: If the whetstone is loose after opening the package, simply re-install the stone on the grinding case to get it ready for use. During chainsaw installment, check the number of holes of your chainsaw to set the sharpener with the corresponding rivets necessary.
Gear Shovel™ - 23-in-1 Multifunction Tool - Gear Elevation
Gear Shovel™ - 23-in-1 Multifunction Tool $114.99 $229.99
As avid campers ourselves, we know just how hard it can be to find good tools that last. We were always on the lookout for ones that don’t take up too much room in your backpack and are lightweight and easy to carry around.This led us to create an entirely new tool, which we combined into a sturdy, lightweight, durable shovel. The shovel features all the necessary tools that require any risk.Our shovels are designed to strike the right balance between durability and strength, ensuring you're ready for anything. WHAT ALL CAN THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL TOOL DO? Here's a list of the uses the survival shovel comes with that'll help you survive in the wilderness, or just help with general outdoors usage while camping, hiking, or military usage: Shoveling Digging Bracing Cutting (logs, rope) Prying Hammering Window breaking Chipping Loud emergency whistling Chopping Camera tripod Wire clamping Axing Hoeing (gardening) Hooking Hunting Peeling Chiseling Sawing Shearing Entrenching Bottle/can opening And more...
Automatic Fruit Ice Cream Maker - Gear Elevation
Automatic Fruit Ice Cream Maker $144.99 $289.99
MAKE YOUR DAY WITH GUILT-FREE SWEETS🍨 A lot of things can be done with our own hands these days through various tools and technology. So, if you are planning to just create and use things you can, rather than buy--to make a little change in your life--this Fruit Ice Cream Maker is that one tool you never knew you needed! You can get very creative with your meals every time with the addition of this food processor. Satisfy cravings without setting aside the healthy option on your food. After all, nothing can beat Home Made Desserts! HIGHLIGHTS PREMIUM DESIGN: The upgraded design with chrome accent of Yonanas Deluxe will add a stylish touch to your kitchen when you leave it on your counter for easy everyday access. EXPANDED RECIPE BOOK: You’ll get over 75 recipes in the Healthy Dessert Book for frozen treats, pies,—even chocolate creations! EASY INSTRUCTIONS: If you can slice and freeze fruit, you can use Yonanas! Our simple to understand instructions will have you whipping up delicious creations in a flash. TRANSFORM FROZEN FRUITS INTO SOFT SERVE TREATS: Get the THICK and CREAMY consistency of soft-serve without liquids, so the consistency is not runny like a smoothie created in a blender DISHWASHER SAFE COMPONENTS – When you’re done enjoying on your decadent desserts, cleanup is quick and easy because the chute assembly, plunger, and blade are top-rack dishwasher safe.   Now you can whip up some soft-serve sweets and be creative enough with your own version of recipes--guilt-free!
UV Light Creative Stationery Invisible Ink Pen - Gear Elevation
UV Light Creative Stationery Invisible Ink Pen $14.99 $29.99
  Let the kids marvel this Magical Invisible Pen✨Ideal for occasional party bag gifts✨ Oh! How magical it is for a pen to let you write, yet it's invisible to the naked eye! Only a matching magical light can do and open the eyes for one to see what is written... Surely, this pen can make your kids wonder and get creative more than this! Let them play and explore even more. HIGHLIGHTS WRITE SECRET MESSAGE: Once your secret message has been written with this invisible ink pen, wait a few seconds to shine the light from the pen's cover and reveal the secret of the secret message. INVISIBLE INK PEN: Harmless and tasteless ink, its a safe toy for your kids! Smooth and colorful disappearing inks on t-shirts, paper, skin and any surface! Permanent but washable! With 24 in the bag, you can easily host a kid's birthday party favors stocking stuffer, treasure hunt, escape room, or classroom activity complete with invisible ink clues! GREAT GIFT FOR FUN PARTY FAVORS: This invisible Spy Pen comes in a pack of 24 and can write your secret in the sticky note. Different colors make the activity more exciting and entertaining. Parents can buy it for their kids' party at home. Kids love using this kind of pen to keep their secret and play detective spy games. In Schools, teachers can buy it for students for a school activity. Add it for any surprise gift bag or as a kids stocking stuffers.
Plastic Profile Copy Contour Gauge Tool - Gear Elevation
Plastic Profile Copy Contour Gauge Tool from $29.99 $59.99
Fit Your Materials Accurately on Complexed-Shaped Corners. With Plastic Profile Copy Contour Gauge Tool, no more time consuming of trying to figure out the exact size and shapes of corners of the house.  Usually, people use cardboards, tracing paper and scissors only to have measurements that are not shaped evenly. To bring convenience on this matter, this product is made for every one to use on their home projects. It will also help you DIY installations of different house materials e.g. tile, wood planking, flooring and more. HIGHLIGHTS Contour Gauge with Lock: Keeps the shape in place while allowing to move independently; it helps you to duplicate and transfer the shape accurately to anywhere you need. Convenient and save your time and energy. Functional Gauging Tool: Variants available from 5inch-Wide to 20inch-Wide multi-functional Contour Gauge with Lock. It comes with inch and centimeter scale measurements. Size markings are on both sides. Premium ABS Material: Made from tough and durable ABS plastic ,durable,anti-rust Worked well in cataloging the traditional wood moulding shapes and no harm for the surface of the target you would like to shape and duplicate. Practical Tool: Useful tools to operate all kinds of modelling.This shaping gauge has high precision and the single needle down to 0.05 in, which can provide you a more accurate data Wide Application: This contour gauge fits for measuring many irregular items, corners, contours to laminate, carpet, wood board, tiles in woodworking project, construction, home decoration or renovation and DIY project. Specifications: Material: ABS Measuring range: 0-120mm/0-4.72'' Scope of application: 0-120mm/0-4.72'' Size: 145*105*20mm/5.71*4.13*0.78'' Weight: 235g
MIni Table Saw - Gear Elevation
MIni Table Saw $179.99 $359.99
This machine is the perfect portable table saw for cutting small materials. It reduces noise without compromising cutting speed and efficiency. Designed with a 2mm thick steel frame equipped with dual bearings with a high torque motor that provides extreme cutting power. Engineered with a high-grade cutting table with gauge and scale printed tabletop for accurate cutting. Effective in cutting PCB, PVC, balsa, acrylic aluminum, and many more materials!    Features and Benefits ✅ QUALITY Solid steel frame made for durability and to ensure a level surface while you’re working for maximum cutting performance and accuracy. ✅ EFFICIENT The machine is engineered to have a low noise output without compromising performance power. Fitted with anti-slip pads to allow for safe operations.  ✅ PRECISION Equipped with miter gauge and scale printed tabletop so you can cut with extreme accuracy.  ✅ PORTABLE Lightweight, easy to carry, bring on the go. Perfect for DIY model makers! Package Includes: 1x Mini Table 1x Power supply 1x Saw blade
Diamond Painting Kit - Gear Elevation
Diamond Painting Kit $29.99 $59.99
Looking for a relaxing activity to ease your body and mind? This 5D Diamond painting will help you. It's easy to do and lets you focus on one thing. With these, you can reduce stress and cultivate patience as well. Made of thousands of color-coded rhinestones, they stick to the adhesive canvas and produce scenery just like a painting does. No need for art skills to do creative artwork like this. It's also a great decoration once finished! HOW TO USE According to the drill number comparison table on the canvas, select the correct color. Pour the corresponding drill number into the dish, and use the pen to get the rhinestones and stick them to the canvas. 
SafeLock™ Portable Door Lock - Gear Elevation
SafeLock™ Portable Door Lock $14.99 $29.99
With SafeLock™, Safety Comes Along Anywhere You Go. Staying in a different place other than our home can make us feel uneasy. After all, we aren't in our familiar place. The only way to make it go away is for us to feel some assurance. This is where SafeLock™ Portable Door Lock enters. Our innovative lock provides you an extra layer of security in any hotel room or rental. It can be easily installed and removed in seconds on almost any hinged door that opens inwards, giving you added privacy and security once you are locked behind it. HIGHLIGHTS Ideal Door Lock for Protection: Installed in seconds without tools, the portable door lock is the second protection for security and privacy. Perfect for Travel: Comes with 2 carrying pouches. Small enough to carry in pocket or purse. If it is to be used in a hotel, it is best to lock the chain in the hotel door lock to provide better protection for women. Wide Applications: The travel door lock is suitable for home, hotel, school, etc. to provide security for travelers, college students, singles, at-home Moms, etc. Quality Material: Made of chrome-plated carbon steel with long-lasting effectivity, this portable door lock is ready to tag along anywhere you go, anytime you need it. Easy to Use: The portable door lock can't be open easily even if others have the key outside the room when you are sleep. Just make sure the metal part goes into the hole on the door jam then close the door. Take the red handle and insert it into the lock in place.  
Decorative Marble Vinyl Sticker - Gear Elevation
Decorative Marble Vinyl Sticker $14.99 $29.99
Bring Effortless Elegance into Your Home  Tired of your plain looking space? Or your furniture needs some refurbishment? You can do it as easy as a snap of a finger. And without even breaking the bank. This Decorative Marble Vinyl Sticker is the ideal decoration for your home. Aside from the elegance it could give, it has multipurpose. Great for any project.It gives you this smooth finish that's easy to clean, waterproof and even heatproof--perfect for kitchen use! HIGHLIGHTS SELF ADHESIVE & THICK: This Vinyl sticker is self-adhesive and made with thick PVC material. It is water-, oil- and dust-proof, so it's easy to clean. MULTI-PURPOSE DECOR: Ideal for any DIY projects. Whether you'd need it for cabinets, countertops, notebooks, dresser drawers, handicrafts, nightstands, bookcases, shelves, doors, and even walls. EASY INSTALLATION: On a flat surface, carefully set your marble vinyl paper. Once you got the right position, peel the back sticker at the end. Let it stick on the surface while guiding with your hand to ensure smooth application.  ROLL SIZE: Marble Self-Adhesive Paper 17 wide x 100 inch long (43.5*254CM); covers 11.8 square feet (Cover 1.1 Square Meter per roll). With core tube insert to avoid wrinkles, folds or any other damage 
Super-Magnet Cabinet Safety Lock - Gear Elevation
Super-Magnet Cabinet Safety Lock $19.99 $39.99
  Safe Home For Your Little Ones Baby proofing your home definitely includes the thought for possible surprises that comes along with cabinets, door and windows. You might have already added cushioning to sharp objects but it goes beyond that. Safety locks for these home parts are also essential to keep your baby from getting hurt since its potential to create accidents with babies' curiosity of their surroundings. HIGHLIGHTS  HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION: Childproof your home in an easier and never before manner. The adhesive backing of the key holder makes installation a breeze. Simply peel and stick the key holder somewhere high where your toddler can't reach. Don't worry! Our super strong upgraded magnet locks work with most major brands, and is effective on cabinets and drawers up to 1.7 inches thick! If it does not work, simply open the magnet key and turn the magnet the other side and it should work!  NEVER WORRY ABOUT LOST KEYS: With these extra magnet keys on hand, you will never worry about dropping or losing your keys again. A key holder with adhesive is included. Our magnet keys come with adhesive pads, so you can simply peel and stick it on any high surface. Never worry about losing or misplacing your keys again! Keep them handy and right where you need them.  WHAT YOU GET: 12 locks that come with the highest-grade 3M adhesive. The key works through up to 2 inch thick woods (density: 85 lb/ft3), meaning it can be used on any of home appliances and furniture.
Paint Sprayer Universal Guide Tool - Gear Elevation
Paint Sprayer Universal Guide Tool $54.99 $109.99
FOR CLEAN, SPOTLESS & PROFESSIONALLY DONE PAINT JOBS Need to repaint your home? Complete the task easily and effectively with our Paint Sprayer Universal Guide Tool. This accessory tool helps you achieve great control and less overspray on different surfaces with a wide range of coatings. It does a great job in color separated painting with its circular steel guide that provides partition. You can avoid spraying on parts that aren't suppose to get painted when using this smart item. Paint Sprayer Universal Guide Tool makes painting a fun experience of transforming your home or turning it back to a newly bought one. And just like a professionally done paint, you can Do It Yourself now. HIGHLIGHTS SPRAY GUIDE TOOL: It lets you spray right up to the edge without tape or shields, it's very easy and convenient to use it. It can quickly spray edges and trim with the spray head and baffle's adjustable feature. EASY TO HANDLE: This professional airless paint spray guide tool is easy to install. It fits most airless spray guns and sprayers at 7/8". LONG LASTING TOOL: This product adopted the high-quality Tungsten Steel, with the good workmanship design. Package Included: 1 x Spray Guide Tool 1 x Nozzle 1 x Seal 1 x Drawstring Bag
BackHairPro™ Men's Shaver - Gear Elevation
BackHairPro™ Men's Shaver from $34.99 $69.99
Having a hard time shaving your back hair?  Try our BackHairPro™ Men's Shaver. It comes with an Ergonomically-designed Handle and Special blade that won't hurt your skin. Plus, it's comfortable, lightweight and easy-to-use. Time to really step up your grooming game. This Shaver has a long foldable plastic handle that allows you to do the shaving by yourself and reach the areas of your back where you mostly can't using a regular razor or trimmer before. With one-of a kind retractable handle and blade cartridge, it gives you the cleanest, closest and safest shave posssible. Additionally, this has a wide two-head blade that can quickly cover back areas and  remove your body hair. It also has an anti-corrosion properties, so you can use it both for wet and dry shaving. Now, you got less hassle when shaving. Just get this BackHairPro™ Shaver and you can shave anytime you need it, even just by yourself.
Auto-Curl™ Instant Curling Iron - Gear Elevation
Auto-Curl™ Instant Curling Iron $99.99 $199.99
GET INSTANT HAIR WAVES Your hair is your crowning glory which means that hair is basically everything! Though, we've all realized styling can be a bit of a hustle and time consuming, even with the curling iron tools already... But, the good news is: there's always product development which makes it easier for us. Introducing: Auto-Curl Instant Curling Iron. Ideal for anyone who wants to look good even at the busiest day of your life. HIGHLIGHTS AUTOMATIC CURL FUNCTION: Its the perfect styling tool for those who just can’t style with conventional curling irons and wands. Hair is simply drawn into the curl chamber where it is heated and timed to create perfect curls and waves. PROFESSIONAL STYLING TOOL: With 2-direction auto rotating design, you can now create a salon professional hair in just a few minutes! LONG--LASTING CURLS: with the right temperature settings, you're hair is going to effectively last for a day even while you are hustling for any type of work. Easy as 1-2-3, you get a satisfying curling experience with our Auto-Curl Instant Curling Iron. Shop this now!
Multifunctional Mini Lathe - Gear Elevation
Multifunctional Mini Lathe $149.99 $299.99
This Mini Lathe is Perfectly designed for the home DIY enthusiast, Small and powerful , compact and portable in size, 7 levels of power allows you to adjust the rotating rate to meet different machining requirements. Rotation rates up to 8000rpm offer’s super strong cutting power with low noise. Ideal for carving, cutting , polishing, grinding and more. Feature and Benefits  Multifunctional Why buy multiple machines to complete each task, with this versatile efficient machine you can do it all turning, cutting, polishing, drilling, carving and so much more Precision The thimble can be replaced to meet every need, so you can woodturn with extreme accuracy, adding to this, 7 levels of adjustable speed control to suit various needs Portable Lightweight, compact easy to bring on the go, perfect for DIY enthusiast Efficient With rotation rates up to 8000rpm/min. This device is engineered to have low noise output without compromising performance Package includes: 1 x Mini Lathe 1x  Power supply 6 x Milling tool  1x Threaded needles 3 x Hexagon socket needle

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