Baby-Tod Safe Nail Trimmer (Pain Free) - Gear Elevation
Baby-Tod Safe Nail Trimmer (Pain Free) $26.99
Baby-Tod Safe Nail Trimmer protects your growing baby from scratching their own baby soft skin by softly trimming their nails with safe baby nail files. With a quiet motor, you can trim their nails while they're sleeping without waking them up. The best nail clipper for children of all ages. Your Baby trimming nightmare days are over! From today you won't need a magnifying glass to safely trim your baby's nails. The Baby-Tod Safe Nail trimmer is a battery operated tool that safely files tiny fingernails without harming surrounding skin. A gentle, yet effective oscillating action trims your baby's nails and includes two power settings. BabyTrim comes with six cushioned pads, each designed for a different stage of your baby's growth. 100% Safe and Effective for babies to toddlers. Features SAFE & EFFECTIVE - A safer baby nail file that won't damage cuticles or soft nail beds, you can safely & quickly trim and polish little toenails and fingernails. WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION - Boasting an LED front light and whisper-quiet motor, you can trim their nails while they're sleeping. VERSATILE TOOLS - Comes with 3 cushioned sandpapers safe for babies and children, as well as 3 attachments for adult use. MULTIPLE SETTINGS - Control speed (high/low) and rotation (clockwise/reverse) for enhancing nail filing positions and softer, smoother nails. LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT DESIGN - Made with a one-button design and powered by 2 AA batteries, this is the perfect baby shower gift for home or travel. Product Details:*One-Button Activation*Multiple Speeds and Rotation Patterns*Soft LED Front Light*Battery Operated (Two AA Batteries)*Whisper Quiet Motor 4 working modesR2----Spin to the right at high speedR1----Spin to the right at low speedL1----Spin to the left at low speedL2----Spin to the left at high speed“0” is power off mode and LED light will turn brighter or dimmer according to different modes.Please be noted: AA battery is not included, you have to buy extra batteries. Product contents:6 x Filing Pads (attachment cushions)1 x Nail trimmerUser manual
3D Baby Hand & Foot Print Plaster Casting Kit - Gear Elevation
3D Baby Hand & Foot Print Plaster Casting Kit $29.99
Printing baby’s hand and foot has never been this easy! We can't stop a baby from growing, so make sure to cherish your little one by creating 3D hand and foot printings with this product. This is easy and a non-toxic print & casting kit that never irritates your baby's skin.   Benefits:   3D Hand & Foot Print. Don't miss the chance to create a hand or foot 3D design. With this product, you'll have a souvenir of your baby's childhood memories. Uniques Gift Idea. An exceptional present on childbirth, christening, birthday, and more.  Non-toxic. The kit comes with plaster, molding, and gold powder that are non-allergic and very safe to use for babies and children. Easy to use. All you need is water and a bowl to mix powders. Then, make a hand and foot moldings in no time.   Features: 1. Safe: Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic, 100% Biodegradable 2. Other items you will need (not included): bowl for mixing casting stone and liquid measuring 3. The statue(s) can be displayed alone or can be mounted on a plaque or put into a displaying box.    Step-by-Step Instructions: (1) Mix the molding powder with water. Insert baby's foot or hand into the molding container. After about 75 seconds, the mold sets. Wiggle baby's foot (or hand) out of the molding material. (2) Mix the bag of casting stone with water. Pour the casting mixture into the mold. Let the casting stone harden for two hours. (3) Uncover the mold and get the statue. (4) Paint and enjoy it! Product explanation: * Age from 2 months to 1-year-old: 100g +100g powder for clone-hand or clone-foot. * Age from 1 - 2 years old: 150g for hand model, 200g for foot model * The older the child, the greater the hands and feet, the more the dosage needs.* 300g for female hand, 500g for male hand  Package Included: 100g x Molding powder 100g x Plaster 1 x Gold powder 1 x Brush    
Baby Fruit Feeder - Gear Elevation
Baby Fruit Feeder $11.99
The healthiest way to introduce your baby to solid food The baby pacifier & teether in 1 fruit feeder is now here! It helps your child transition from eating liquid to solid food. It is non-toxic and chemical-free, which makes it safe for babies.  BENEFITS: Makes your baby healthy. An easy method to help your baby eat nutritious food from fruits and vegetables. Safe for babies.  Reduces the risk of choking and it helps them prepare for a different types of food textures and flavors. Reduces pain.  Helps them to deal with pain from teething. Fruity colors.  Helps the baby's comfort in using the pacifier. Healthy toy. It's a good distraction to let mommy and daddy work         Unique Design This 2 in 1 baby feeder is specifically designed only to allow the smallest of food pieces to go through its hole so that it will not cause the child to choke on the food substance. It is an effective way of transitioning babies to solid food. It also has a soft chewable silicone that helps to ease teething discomfort. How to use: 1. Dice the food into strips, such as fruits, vegetable, meat, and etc. 2. Open the silicone filter 3. Place the diced food on to the filter 4. Secure the lid and let the baby enjoy its food 5. After usage, take out the leftovers and clean it.   Suitable for Children of Different Ages:S: Fit for Up 4 Months babyM: Fit for Up 9 Months babyL: Fit for baby Age more than 12 Months Product information:   Item weight: 3.52 ounces Package dimensions: 4.4 x 3.5 x 2 inches Package Inclusion: 1x baby feeder
Baby Tattoo Onesie - Gear Elevation
Baby Tattoo Onesie $19.99
Make your baby the coolest of them all!   Introduce your baby in to rock and roll culture. Introducing the Baby Tattoo Onesie it'll make your child a head turner in no time! Get yours, now!    BENEFITS: Realistic. It has a true to life design and you won't be able to tell the difference at first glance. Breathable. Its design is made out of cotton which makes it more comfortable. Easy to change. Each bodysuit has a three button snap closure for changing the diapers and it has lap shoulders for a simple pullover.  SPECIFICATIONS: Collar: O-Neck Style: Fashion Pattern Type: Print Gender: Baby Boys Material: COTTON PACKAGE INCLUSION: 1x bodysuit  
Infrared Digital Thermometer - Gear Elevation
Infrared Digital Thermometer $79.99 $159.99
Get Convenient With this Contactless Thermometer With breakthrough technology, our Infrared Thermometer makes taking temperature easier without direct contact with the skin. It also comes with a backlight function, so you don't have to turn on the light to see what the measurement result is. It even provides you with room temperature reading, so you ensure you have the perfect environment for resting your loved ones. It is multifunctional and measures the body temperature accurately. Not only that, but it can detect the temperature in one second with a beeping sound indicator at the end of the reading. The screen has 3 colors to indicate the status of the reading Green for Normal, Yellow for Slight fever, and Red for High Fever.  HIGHLIGHTS 🌡Non-contact Measuring Infrared technology reads from the forehead with no physical contact, prevents cross-infection between multiple peoples. Safer and healthier, especially the forehead readings, as it does not bother the patient during crucial rest moments. 🌡Fast & Accurate This thermometer is equipped with advanced infrared technology and the high-precision sensor reads fast, it only takes 1 second to read the temperature. The accuracy of temperature measurement is within 0.1 ℃ 🌡For All Things The temporal thermometer is designed for all ages, adults, babies, and elders. In addition to measuring the forehead, it can also measure the room, object, and liquid temperature. A great choice for families, nurseries, hotels, schools, etc. 🌡Advance Memory Function Automatic memory of 10 sets of measurements, LCD backlight has 3 different colors according to temperature, and abnormal temperature is accompanied by a warning sound. 🌡Reliable Thermometer Environment-Friendly PP Material makes the product safe and assured for you to use. Our thermometer with Germany Infrared, high sensitive thermal probe for improved precision clinical accuracy
Toddler's U-Shape Toothbrush - Gear Elevation
Toddler's U-Shape Toothbrush $14.99 $29.99
The Right Toothbrush for Your Baby Builds the Right Habit & Does Teeth Cleaning Efficiently Dentist-recommended, this unique brush head cleans all sides of the tooth all at once while developing good brushing habits and reducing the occurrence of tooth decay. Soft, rounded bristles are gentle on your little one's teeth and gums. For kids' safe and comfortable brushing experience, it is made with food-grade silicone and appropriate soft materials. Easy-to-grip handles to provide comfort and control while brushing. The cute and interesting appearance of the toothbrush makes children more interested in brushing their teeth. The brush can brush and clean the teeth in 360 degrees, specially designed for children's tender and sensitive teeth.  It can clean and massage the oral cavity, especially suitable for children’s growth and sensitive teeth. The cleaning effect is better when applied with foaming toothpaste. Say goodbye and end the fight with traditional toothbrushes. HIGHLIGHTS CREATIVE U-SHAPED DESIGN: Ergonomic U-shaped brush head, suitable for the shape and mechanics of children's teeth structure. Uniquely designed for children's tender gums and sensitive teeth. PACIFIER GRADE SILICONE MATERIALS: Soft pacifier grade silicone, soft brim around the teeth 360 degrees, providing a comfortable feeling of brushing, the original cleaning path, effective deep cleaning, will not harm the gums, protect children's enamel. LOVELY CARTOON DESIGN: The cute and interesting appearance of the toothbrush makes children more interested in brushing their teeth. This helps your kids be willing to brush their teeth longer even develop healthy brushing habits. COMFORT & SAFETY: Easy grip handles provide comfort and control. Available in two cute colors to increase your child's interest in brushing. Safe, fast, and convenient, easy to use at home or travel. Tips: Squeeze foam toothpaste on both sides of the brush head Put it in your mouth, Shake the toothbrush left and right to clean the teeth After brushing teeth, rinse with water Suggestion: Change your toothbrush every 3 months This product is designed for 1-12 years old kids. Medium size is suitable for children ages 6-12, small size is suitable for children ages 1-6.
Drawing Robots Technology for Kids - Gear Elevation
Fun & Interactive Educational Drawing Robot $199.99 $399.99
Quincy the Robot Artist is a mechanical wizard that teaches children how to draw, spell and count in a quick, easy and fun way! This Robot Artist Quincy device covers a wide range of educational subjects and it interacts with you in a casual conversational manner. With Quincy Artist at hand, children will quickly learn how to draw and spell common objects. You can even ask Robot Artist Quincy math-related questions. Quincy will help sharpen a child’s artistic, grammatical and mathematical skills. It’s the perfect source of educational inspiration! HIGHLIGHTS 🤖 DRAWING & LEARNING ROBOT: Quincy drawing robot is a cool robot that helps kids to learn English letters, Numbers, Counting, Spelling Words, and Drawing, all while having fun. 🤖 EASY OPERATION: Place the card in the position of Quincy's “eyes”, and Quincy will recognize the contents of the card; The voice interaction method allows the child to follow the steps of Quincy to complete the learning, and press the button of Quincy's head to learn the next step. 🤖 IDEAL GIFTS FOR KIDS: Quincy provides total 64 cards, includes: 24 drawing cards, 26 letter cards, 10 number cards, 4 math challenge cards, and 4 different levels' activity books, which is very suitable for boys and girls aged 3-8 years. Great ideal gift for Birthday \ Christmas \ Children's Day. 🤖 PARENTS' HELPER: With the company of Quincy robot artists, children can spend less time on pad or mobile phone or TV, they can draw and learn with fun, and share their works with their friends or parents with confident, a good helper for their busy parents, and a good partner for children too. 🤖 SAFE & 100% WARRANTY:  All parts are durable and made of high quality material, product has approved CE, FCC, ROHS, ASTM F963, and CPSIA Certifications.
Potty Training Ladder Seat for Toddlers - Gear Elevation
Potty Training Ladder Seat for Toddlers $119.99 $239.99
Potty Train Your Toddlers with this Amazing Foldable Ladder Seat This potty trainer lets you train with your toddlers to toilets directly. It enables them to reach the seat safely and get comfortable in using toilets. Its is ergonomically designed with foldable feature to easily clear away when not needed. It also has adjustable footrest, ideal for ages 1 - 6 ages. HIGHLIGHTS FITS MOST TOILET SHAPES AND SIZE: Our kids potty training seat fits all standard size and elongated toilet seats(like V/U/O shape.NOT for square ). Its foldable design makes the potty training ladder move easily, you can put toilet training seat aside when it's not needed. SPECIAL DESIGN: This upgraded toilet seat contains many advantages: (1) design for adjustable ladder for different height; (2) design for protecting the spine; (3) design to avoid splashing urine; (4) design of soft and removable cushion for comfortable and clean use; (5) foldable design; (6) rotating design for adjusting different toilet. SUPER STURDY: Made of environmental friendly PP material, it can hold of up to 75kg (165lb), sturdy enough when your toddler climbs up/down. TRAINING TODDLER: This toilet trainer ladder is both suitable for boys and girls with pee catcher design and it is very cute one with pink and blue color , which makes her or him super interested in potty time. SAFE AND DURABLE: This potty seat is safe to use with our anti-slip design for the pads and ladder. It will prevent the seat from shifting, which means your kids can climb up and down to use the toilet independently without worry. Specifications: Material: Environmental friendly PP material Max Load of Footrest: 75KG/165lb Measurements from the Floor to Step: 30cm(Adjustable) Measurements from the Floor to Seat: 55cm Weight: 1.50kg Package Inclusion:  1 x Children's Toilet + 1 x Toilet brush
Baby Sofa Sit Trainer - Gear Elevation
Baby Sofa Sit Trainer $29.99
Amazing Baby Sit Trainer! Teach your babies how to sit! With these Baby Sofa Sit Trainer.  A comfortable support to easily train your child. It is both a sofa and a toy, safe and effective!   BENEFITS: Effective. It helps your child's back in an upright position while they are learning to sit up. Secure. The seat bottom is attached, preventing your infant from sliding. Lightweight & Portable. It provides your baby with a soft cushion to sit and be placed anywhere in the house. Good support. The upright position of the child helps prevent after-meal reflux. Comfortable. Safely wraps your infant in comfort while the baby observes it surrounding.   Skin-friendly crystal super soft fabric, feel delicate, do not drop hair, do not fade. SPECIFICATIONS: 100% high-quality  Material: crystal super soft Size (after filling): front height 35cm / 13.8in, back height 40cm / 15.7in, base 50*54cm / 19.7*21.3in Style: as pictures shown NOTE: There is no cotton filling in this product. The buyer needs to fill himself before using it. Recommended Age: Up to 11 months old PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1x Baby Sofa Cover

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